We Ask America poll shows Davis with strong lead over Callis; Bost-Enyart contest is 'anyone's race'

By Ann Maher | Oct 23, 2014

Recent polling in Illinois' 12th and 13th congressional districts show GOP candidates leading.

The We Ask America poll released Oct. 22, however, shows that the race in the 12th could go either way.

Republican Mike Bost led with 43.5 percent to incumbent Democrat Bill Enyart who polled at 41.83 percent. Green Party candidate Paula Bradshaw had 5.79 percent and 8.89 percent of voters polled were undecided.

"The 12th District falls within the margin of error and is really anyone’s race," the pollster stated. "State Rep. Mike Bost holds a slight lead in this Democratic leaning district, despite efforts from the left to portray him as a loose-cannon."

Incumbent Rodney Davis, Republican, continued to show a double digit lead - 52.83 percent - over Democrat Ann Callis, former chief judge in Madison County -  at 35.63 percent. Undecided voters accounted for 11.53 percent of those polled.

"In what was once thought to be a swing district under the new map, House freshman Rodney Davis appears in good shape to hold on to his slightly Democratic central Illinois District," the pollster stated. "Davis’ lead may inch towards single digits on November 4th with a big Dem GOTV effort, but he should be safe."

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