An Edwardsville man is asking the state's bar association to pay more than $250 billion for damage to intellectual property.

Aaron W. Wemple filed a pro se lawsuit against the Illinois State Bar Association and its members on Oct. 7 in Madison County Circuit Court.

According to the complaint, the Illinois State Bar Association "was engaged in the business of exclusively authorizing processes for sale to and use by members of the general public." Wemple says he "was figuratively forced and/or literally forced to purchase it (as a tax payer)" but says it was " defective and unsafe for its intended purpose in that it generates degeneration financially, psychologically and/or physically."

On July 24, Wemple says he was "subjugated to the process...referred to as 'counseling' from defendant's Judge Steadman at his/her/its place of business." On Nov. 20, 2011, Wemple says he used "the process" in the Madison County courthouse "for the purpose of protection" and, as a result was arrested and imprisoned.

Wemple says as a result of his imprisonment, he sustained "injuries to health, compounded pain and suffering to disabilities, financial loss, psychological trauma, distrust of authorities, lost children, relationships with families ruined, permanent loss of a $27-million-dollar civil complaint and 18 months of extreme suffering."

Wemple says he will prove that the Illinois Bar Association and its members "profess in unison to refuse separating victims from criminals at the ground level points of engagement when there is an initial three-fold subjugation of marriage." He says the defendants "wittingly and willingly know by their own civil complaint process after the facts that there are worse punishments in store for victims than for criminals."

Wemple is asking for $1.05 million in damages for medical expenses, loss of earnings and personal property loss. He also seeks $2.5 million for damages to real property, $27 million in punitive damages and $250 billion in damages to intellectual property.

Wemple, who lists himself as the "Author of Human Authority" with The Sound Proof Safety Firm, is representing himself.

Madison County Circuit Court case number 14-L-1370

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