To the Editor:

I want to thank Congressman Rodney Davis for urging stronger travel restrictions and safeguards between West African countries with an Ebola epidemic and the United States.

A travel ban should have been in effect for months except for approved humanitarian assistance. Tourist visas are still being issued by the Obama State Department.

Thomas Eric Duncan from Liberia just died in Dallas hospital from Ebola. He had lied on his health questionnaire. Duncan had about 100 contacts in Dallas.

Congressman William Enyart has been a virtual rubber stamp for the Obama administration and has not called for a travel ban. His website makes no mention of Ebola.

President Obama took an oath of office to protect us from enemies, both domestic and foreign. His response to Ebola has been very poor. The Obama administration in 2010 scrapped regulations that would have helped prevent Ebola from entering the U.S.

President Obama has refused to secure our southern border. We have seen an estimated 30,000 illegals crossing each month. They have not been screened for disease. Resistant tuberculosis, scabies, chicken pox, measles and other diseases uncommon in the U.S. have been brought into our country.

Poor control of infectious diseases is only one of many reasons to put more checks and balances on the Obama administration.

We need to re-elect Congressman Rodney Davis and elect Mike Bost to the House of Representatives and elect Jim Oberweis to the U.S. Senate for this purpose.

Edward Ragsdale, M.D.

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