Prenzler statement on tax sale

By The Madison County Record | Oct 2, 2014

To the Editor:

This is a political witch hunt. There’s nothing here.

I’m the one who blew whistle on Fred Bathon’s criminal tax sales, and as the result Fred Bathon is in prison. I’m the only independent voice in the county administration building.

As the result, the Democrat machine is frantic to get me out of here, so they can get back to business as usual.

My opponent’s accusations reveal her inexperience and lack of understanding of the treasurer’s office and its history.

Permitting “single buyers” to purchase taxes at zero percent on single parcels is a long-standing tradition in Madison County and other counties in the state. In Madison County, every past treasurer that we know of, including now-Congressman John Shimkus, Bill Ayres, Fred Bathon and Frank Miles, began their tax sales with a sales to single (parcel) buyers.

My Chief Deputy Treasurer, Jeremy Plank, and I met with John McGuire, to plan and approve every aspect of this tax sale. John McGuire is Assistant State’s Attorney who is chief of the civil division of the State’s Attorney’s office. John McGuire said it was legal to do this.

That made sense to me, because selling to single buyers has been a longstanding tradition in Madison County, as well as other couties.

The reasoning for single buyers makes sense. Single buyers are often family members or friends of people who are not able to pay their taxes.

Response to call to resign?

Did my opponent ever ask Fred Bathon to resign? This is clearly political.

Kurt Prenzler

Madison County Treasurer

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