New polling data shows GOP contenders ahead in battleground districts

By Ann Maher | Oct 2, 2014

Another poll taken of voters in the 13th Congressional District has Republican Rodney Davis ahead of Democrat Ann Callis by a 13 point margin.

Capitol Fax/We Ask America polled 932 voters on Wednesday, showing Davis leading 51-38, with 11 percent undecided.

On Sept. 21, a poll taken by Public Opinion Strategies showed Davis with a 19-point lead over Callis, with only 63 percent of those surveyed saying they have heard of Callis.

Davis raised more than $500,000 in the third quarter and has $1.2 million on hand.

And in the 12th Congressional District, a poll of 909 likely voters taken by Capitol Fax/We Ask America on Wednesday showed that Republican Mike Bost is ahead of incumbent Democrat Bill Enyart by five points, 45-40. Six points go to Green Party candidate Paula Bradshaw, according to a report in Capitol Fax.

"Despite Democratic efforts to paint Bost as a scary, screaming extremist, the Republican is leading Enyart 41-40 among women," Capitol Fax reported. "Self-identified independents make up the largest pool in the partisan mix at 38 percent (37 percent Dems, 25 percent Repubs) and Bost is winning those folks 51-26."

The Enyart campaign has heavily run a TV ad, "Meltdown Mike," featuring state representative Bost on the House floor ranting against the Democratic agenda of House Speaker Michael Madigan and throwing piles of paper into the air.

Another Enyart ad features an actor made to look like Bost ranting in small group settings of seniors, workers and children. In the last scene of the comical ad, children throw balled up pieces of paper at the Bost actor.

Rather than running from the depiction, the Bost campaign has embraced his "Let my people go" pronouncement as a political asset.

In response to Enyart's campaign, Bost has run a TV ad in which he calmly says, "What the Chicago politicians and Gov. Quinn have done really made me mad. And what Bill Enyart and President Obama are doing to the country upsets me as well.”

In Capitol Fax, Rich Miller says, "The key to Enyart pulling this out is a massive get out the vote effort in heavily Democratic St. Clair and Madison counties."

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