The owner of St. Clair Square claims one of its tenants is two months behind on rent.

St. Clair Square Limited Partnership filed a lawsuit in St. Clair County Circuit Court on Sept. 9 against Olga's Kitchen Inc., doing business as Olga's Kitchen, and Olga's Kitchen of St. Clair Square Inc.

According to the complaint, Olga's Kitchen, a Michigan-based business, entered into a rental contract for a space in St. Clair Square in May 2003, with an option of extending the contract to January 2015.

Meanwhile, Olga's Kitchen of St. Clair Square allegedly sublet the space from the original tenant, which the landlord alleges it was unaware of. St. Clair Square claims Olga's Kitchen failed to pay rent for July and August, payments totaling more than $42,000.

Because of the contract extension and the alleged default on the lease, St. Clair Square contends Olga's Kitchen owes more than $410,000, including interest and late fees.

St. Clair Square is asking to be awarded the amount owed plus legal costs, and to be given possession of the restaurant space in question.

Attorney David O. Kreuter, of Clayton, Mo., represents St. Clair Square.

St. Clair County Circuit Court case number: 14-L-627.

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