Beelman Logistics claims it has not been fully paid for hauling services

By The Madison County Record | Sep 10, 2014

A disposal and hauling company alleges it is owed more than $100,000 for past work it performed.

Beelman Logistics of East St. Louis filed a lawsuit Aug. 26 in St. Clair County Circuit Court against Petroff Trucking Company of Granite City and Mobile Aire Transport Service.

In its complaint, Beelman alleges Petroff contacted it in August 2012 to ask for help hauling dirt from Florissant, Mo., to Granite City. Petroff agreed to pay Beelman $90 per load, according to the complaint.

Over a nearly two-month period, Beelman provided three separate invoices to Petroff for $87,750, the suit states. Petroff paid Beelman $32,152.73, but still owes $33,457.27, the complaint says.

Petroff again contacted Beelman in October 2012 to provide stabilizing material known as Code-L and to haul the material from Exchange Avenue to East St. Louis, according to the complaint. Beelman alleges it agreed to do the project for $1,577.15. However, it has only been paid $1,521.94, the suit states.

In August 2013, Petroff again asked Beelman to haul clay from Madison County Sand in Collinsville to Milam in East St. Louis, the complaint says. Beelman alleges it charged $90 per load and was owed $13,950 after all work was completed. However, it has been paid only $13,140, according to the complaint.

"The finance charges due by Petroff to Beelman for the past due invoices as of this date totals $73,375.07," the suit states. "A spreadsheet detailing the finance charge is also included. As indicated on spreadsheet, the total amount due from Petroff to Beelman is $129.837.55, plus attorney fees, costs and ongoing finance charges."

In addition to Petroff, Beelman also contracted with defendant Mobile Aire Transport Service to haul materials, the suit states. For its work, Beelman charged Mobile $2,143.42, the complaint says.

Mobile owes Beelman $3,184.17, which includes interest, the company alleges.

In addition to the money it alleges it is owed, Beelman seeks finance charges, attorney fees, costs and other relief the court deems just.

Troy A. Bozarth and Andrew K. Carruthers of Edwardsville represent Beelman.

The case number is St. Clair County Circuit Court case 14-L-609.

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