A Madison County Fair vendor accused of providing alcohol to a customer who later was involved in a fatal accident is denying it caused intoxication.

Helvetia Sharpshooters Society, one of several defendants being sued over the death of William E. Dittmar on July 29, 2012, admits that it sold Ryan Junker one 16 ounce beer the night before the accident, but denies it served him multiple drinks.

Junker and Dittmar were killed on Ellis Road after having attended the fair held at the county fairgrounds in Highland.

William H. Dittmar, on behalf of his son, sued in December 2012, also naming Shaw's Shack, Madison County Fair Association, Jim and Pat's Place and James C. Clanton.

Dittmar claims his son was a passenger in a car driven by Junker. His suit also alleges Junker was drinking at Shaw’s Shack in Jamestown before the crash.

Dittmar accuses defendants of violating Illinois’ Dram Shop Act and says they are responsible for his son’s death. He asks for more than $100,000 in damages for expenses and court costs.

In response to plaintiff's Rule 216 request to admit facts, Helvetia Sharpshooters stated that it could not admit to Junker's intoxication during the evening of July 28 and early hours of July 29 because the request was vague and overly broad because it refers "to an undefined period of time."

"Upon extensive investigation with the exception of the single purchase of alcohol specified above, this Defendant has insufficient information to admit or deny that the intoxication occurred from alcohol purchased by Ryan Junker, and denies that the alcohol sold by this Defendant to Ryan Junker materially contributed to his intoxication," wrote lawyers Timothy R. Couture and Michael J. Lizzadro of Chicago for Helvetia Sharpshooters on July 7.

Attorney Thomas O. Falb, of Alton, represents Dittmar.

John Cunningham represents Shaw's Shack.

Michael Bedesky represents Madison County Fair Association.

Jennifer Kunze represents Jim and Pat's Place.

Madison County Circuit Judge Barbara Crowder presides.

Madison County Circuit Court Case No. 12-L-2080.

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