Schimpf will investigate corruption where Madigan will not

By The Madison County Record | Aug 14, 2014

To the Editor:

Paul Schimpf is an excellent choice for Illinois Attorney General. Paul, the chief prosecutor of Saddam Hussein, got Hussein to confess his war crimes on Iraqi TV.  Now retired, Schimpf promises to target corruption in Illinois. This should be like shooting ducks in a barrel.

University of Chicago and University of Illinois studies rank Illinois the third most corrupt state in the U.S. Corruption drives potential businesses from Illinois leading to unemployment and an eroding tax base. Illinois sticks out like a sore thumb in the heartland where Midwest honesty is the norm.

Years ago, Lisa Madigan, promised to fight corruption. Do you remember any major headline case of corruption Madigan brought to justice? According to Madison County tax buyers, when they brought Fred Bathon’s phony Madison County tax sales to Madigan’s attention she chose not even to investigate. Similarly, when figures surfaced concerning what may be similar practices in St. Clair County, Madigan seemingly did nothing. Schimpf will investigate alleged corruption.

Corruption costs Illinois an estimated $500 million dollars annually. The hidden annual Illinois corruption tax is an estimated $1,308 per person. It seems Lisa Madigan ignored tax buyers allegations concerning tax buyers’ practices which cost down on their luck Madison County citizens their homes. In comparison, Paul Schimpf promises to be a gangbuster against corruption. Is it time to clean things up in Illinois? Please vote for Paul Schimpf November 4. Trust a retired Marine not the Madigan machine.

Philip W. Chapman


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