An Edwardsville man being sued by a UPS driver who claims back injuries from fending off a dog attack wants the court to force the driver to produce workers' compensation records.

UPS worker Steven Campbell sued Kevin Autenrieb last November in Madison County Circuit Court, claiming the incident occurred in July 2012 while Campbell was trying to deliver a package.

Autentrieb's attorney Michael P. Murphy of Belleville says that Campbell has failed to produce "clearly discoverable" documents related to the incident.

Autentrieb has also denied that he harbored a dog with dangerous and aggressive propensities.

"The dog had never previously exhibited aggressive behavior toward members of the public," Murphy wrote for Autentrieb. "Further, the dog was trained by the use of a shock collar and was partially trained on the use of an electronic invisible fence on the defendant's premises."

Campbell accuses Autenrieb of negligence and of violating Illinois’ Animal Control Act. He asks for more than $50,000 in damages for medical bills, lost wages and court fees.

The defense motion to compel will be heard before Circuit Judge William Mudge at 1 p.m. on July 24.

Attorneys Charles W. Armbruster and Michael T. Blotevogel of Alton represent Campbell.

Madison County Circuit Court Case No. 13-L-1904

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