To the Editor:

I'm writing today to express my disbelief that Congressman Bill Enyart would say that his proudest moment of his brief Congressional career was to vote against military chaplains.

H. Con. Res 58, was a measure sponsored by Georgia Congressman Doug Collins, which would have enabled military chaplains to continue their ministry to our service personnel, during last year's government shut down.

Congressmen Enyart was the only member of Congress to vote against our men and women in uniform, by a vote 407 - 1, and he proved that he is out of touch. Even the most liberal members of Congress supported our soldiers with that vote.

As a Vietnam-era veteran, I know how important our military chaplains are, their services provide a spiritual uplifting on the battlefield and here at home. Enyart's terrible vote is underscored by the fact that he continues to harp on it.

Congressmen Enyart, shame on you for being "proud" of such an asinine vote and by continuing to talk about it - you only dig yourself a bigger hole. During my tenure as an Illinois state representative, I took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and that means upholding a freedom of religion and speech.

You sir, failed at your oath of office when you decided to obstruct our service men and women's rights to practice their religion.

Former State Rep. Ron Stephens

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