Madison County foreclosures May 29-June 9

By Carrie Gonzalez | Jun 13, 2014

May 29, 2014

May 29, 2014

Bradford National Bank of Greenville V. Mark A. Frey and Lori A. Frey, $129,291.06, 65 Field Crossing, Highland. 14-CH-346

May 30, 2014

JPMorgan Chase Bank V. Verla June Cartwright, $99,001.41,5581-5585 Hoxey Dr., Worden. 14-CH-347
Wells Fargo Bank V. Paul A. Kribs, $180,373.08, 855 Marc Dr., Alton. 14-CH-348

June 2, 2014

Heartland Bank V. Thomas Piel and Deanna Ewards-Pell, $111,631.72, 1007 Vine St., Collinsville. 14-CH-349
Federal National Mortage V. Joseph A. Rayoum, $44,966.13, 2703 Myrtle Ave., Granite City. 14-CH-351

June 3, 2014

Green Tree Servicing V. Richard L. Niehaus Jr. and Rena L. Niehaus, $110,794.43, 444 Old Rock Rd., Granite City. 14-CH-350

June 4, 2014

PHH Mortgage V. Victoria L. Wilks and Nicholas E. Wilks, $189,046.63, 2704 Hunters Crossing Dr., Edwardsville. 14-CH-352

June 5, 2014

First Clover Leaf Bank V. Keith Swearingen and Dawn Swearingen, $255,939.32, 3136 Birmingham Dr., Glen Carbon. 14-CH-353
JPMorgan Chase Bank V. Kirsten J. Stunkel, $150,196.67, 39 Depot Dr., Glen Carbon. 14-CH-354
Bank of America V. Anthony G. Crawford and Cheryl Carter, $76,626.48, 3308 Fernwood Ave., Alton. 14-CH-355
Bank of America V. Michael L. Anderton and Maria Cristina Latorre Anderton, $61,730.10, 717 Ashland Ave., Granite City. 14-CH-356
Suntrust Mortgage V. Timothy Smallie and Meagan Morris, $52,214.00, 2605 Center St., Granite City. 14-CH-357

June 6, 2014

First Clover Bank V. Paul M. Powers and Linda Poos, $43,738.78,7400 Leslie Dr., Edwardsville. 14-CH-358
Nationstar Mortgage V. Jerry Flora and Susan Flora, $34,649.90, 3001 Warren Ave., Granite City. 14-CH-359
Bank of America V. Crystal N. Hardin, $53,450.55, 2001 13th St., Granite City. 14-CH-361
US Bank V. Erik K. Hadjan and Tabitha N. Hadjan, $100,672.42, 1814 Olive St., Highland. 14-CH-362

June 8, 2014

Regions Bank V. Adam M. Donnay, $57,267.66, 81 Marguerite Ave., Wood River. 14-CH-360

June 9, 2014

Mariners Atlantic Portfolio V. Keith A. Flannery and Donna L. Flannery, $72,535.97, 701 Purvis Dr., Wood River. 14-CH-363

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