St. Clair County real estate April 14-17

By Carrie Gonzalez | May 2, 2014

Monday, April 14

Monday, April 14




$62,500- 412 Longview Dr.- Thomas L Hoff to Scott Jacob and Beth Jacob

$175,000- 201 South Fairway Dr.- Edna Mae Semon to Stephen Parrish

$152,500- 109 Egret Ct.- Curtis R. and Danielle D. Smith to John and Taylor Brown

$165,750- 45 Stratford Green Dr.- Billy and Amanda Groaning to Christopher McNabb

$60,000- 122 Kansas Ave.- Secretary of HUD to Randy L. Pannier

$3,883,460- 5105 West Main St.- David Rose MD to Art Belleville LLC

$70,000- 29 North Cape Court- Regions Bank to Robert Huelsman Sr. and Georgia Huelsman

$260,000- 310 Lake Christine Dr.- James Vivian and Tina Vivian to Chad T. Quinn and Jennifer Quinn




$317,027- 187 Forest Oaks Dr.- McBride and Son Residential IL to Mark and Laura Potthast


East St. Louis:


$3,750- N. 74th St.- E.J. Sieron to Barbara Williams and Felecia Jones




$31,500- 221 St. Clair Ave.- Charles Lee, Frank Lee and Amy Lee to William R. Sheridan


National Stock Yards:


$464,568- 84 Exchange Ave.- St Louis National Stockyards to AWS- FCI LLX




$149,000- 610 Rain Holow Dr.- RAlph Warner and Kristina N. Warner to Ronald Able Jr.

$20,000- 305 East Adams St.- Joann Berry to Carmen M. Haffer

$313,900- 8517 Armsleigh Place- Kurt I. and Deiadra J. Peterson to Nickolis H. and Katy E. Breyer




$105,000- 1508 Karin Dr.- Jon D. Widel to John Dimarco3306 Rand Lane- Shu Ying D/Amico to Ronald and Margaret Schaefer



April 15, 2014




$20,000- 1060 Tillinghast- Southside Development to Innovation Construction

$112,000- 31 Eastwood Dr.- Nancy Hale and Don Hale to Letha Mcintosh

$41,500- 163 Paulette Dr.- Kate M. McNelly to Theresa Hunter- Rives and Isabella Moore

$71,000- 1 Manas Dr.- Jennifer R. Caruana to Jeanette M. Clarke

$44,000- 2 Woodhaven Ct. - Fannie Mae to Brandon J. Connors and Elise L. Connors




$5,000- 129 Amelia Dr.- Emmitte J. Prince and Gwendolyn L. Prince to Estell Jennings

$25,750- 518 St. Leo Dr.- David L. Bohn and Vickie S. Bohn to Paul B. Kaestner

$39,000- 138 St. Robert Dr.- K & E Homes to Main Street Real Estate Holdings

$48,900- 138 St. Robert Dr. - Main St. Real Estate Holdings to Asset Exchange Strategies LLC

$34,975- 1720 Theodore Lane- K & E Homes to Main St. Real Estate Holdings

$49,500-138 St. Robert St.- - Main St. Real Estate Holdings to Asset Exchange Strategies LLC




$9,500- 220 Richard Ave.- Lura Ann Gibbs to Carol A. Musskopf

$20,000- 1213 Columbia Rd.- Secretary of HUD to Mary C. Mitchell


East Cardondelet:


$128,402- 802 Fishlake Ln.- The Private Sales Corp to The Secretary of HUD


Fairview Heights:


$78,000- 9113 Summit Dr.- Jon E. Sackett Jr and Emily Sackett to Christopher Taylor




$165,000- 400 East Temple St.- Katherine H. Parrish to Henry J. HImstedt and Joann C. Himstedt




$50,000- 425 Traver Tine Circle- The Kathryn J. Koening Living Trust to JL Schaefer Construction




$129,000- 319 Amhurst Dr.- James W. Weir Sr. to Amanda L. Stokes

$35,000- 1579 North Parc Grove Ct.- North Parc Grove to Huntington Chase Homes

$30,000- 1510 N. Parc Grove Ct.- North Parc Grove to Huntington Chase Homes



April 16, 2014




$5,000- 2004 S. Belt West- Gary A. Stein and William J. Stein to Kevin J. Stein and Katie J. Stein

$143,000- 37 Signal Point- Theodore L. Bryan to Michael and Stephanie Clifton




$14,000- 436 Jerome Ln.- US Mortgage Investors to Kenneth J. Payer

$17,500- 312 St. Ellen St.- Michael D. Barbeau to Metro Property Partners

$12,000- 3604 Falling Springs Rd.- Robert E. Nicholson to Dewitt L. Weary III and Tamarra T. Weary


East St. Louis:


$3,800- 1618 N. 23rd St.- Herbert D. Patterson to Cherrita Williams

$17,600- 537 North 18th St.- Alexander Brown and Sundra S. Brown to Jermerio D. Williams and Yolondes M. Williams

$140,000- N. 81st St. - Stephen and Donald Rauchman to Mark Harrell




$51,900- 309 Chimney Rock Dr.- Rosa Developers to New Tradition Homes

$80,000- Jefferson Dr.- George W. Obernagel III and Helen Obernagel to Chad Murphy and Rachel Murphy




$210,000- 570 Admiral Wendt Parkway- Garrett E. and Herschel E. Johnson to Matthew M. Germann




$100,000- 745 Forest Green Dr.- Tighe E. Schlottog and Megan Schlottog to James W. Bollmeier

$20,000- 1821 Crestview Dr.- Christy D. Hopkins to WS & GS Properties




$160,000- 611 Glen Mor- James M. O'Dell and Nikki L. O'Dell to Cassandra K. Pinter




$55,440- 1423 Roger Ave. - The Private Sales Group to The Secretary of HUD




April 17, 2014




$11,000- 8 Rusty Wil Dr.- Dean A. Crowl and Melissa A. Zitta to Robinson Realty

$45,000- 3412 Dakota Dr.- Shiloh Building Group to McGolden Inc

$40,000- 1419 Orchard Lakes Circle- Golden Orchard to New Tradition Homes

$25,000- 506 North 17th St.- Estate of James Thomas to Julie Jones

$15,000- 109 & 111 S. 13th St.- Secretary of HUD to Ketan Patel

$136,000- 2613 Autumn Harvest Ln.- Kevin P Toomey and Megan N. Toomey to Jeremy W. Luttschwager

$84,500- 104 Brittany Ln.- Kenneth R. Goodboy to Dorothy J. Baldwin




$39,000- 2105 Camp Jackson Rd.- Bayview Loan Servicing  to Elite Property Investments

$10,000- Jerome Ln.- Cahokia Unit School District No. 187 to Lighthouse Early Learning Center




$83,300- 153 Courtland Pl.- Paul R. Haines Jr. to Marilyn Schwertman


Fairmont City:


$69,000- 3915 Cookson Rd.- Ramona C. Kicielinski and Judith A. Kicielinski to Richard D. Ramirez and Sandra R. Ramirez


Fairview Heights:


$350,000- 1300 N. 94th St.- Hess Real Estate to Seven Arrowhead Properties




$169,500- 1017 Woods Way- Leon A. Stamm and Karen B. Stamm to Lee A. Wayne and Cynthia A. Wayne

$193,038- 1516 Nottinghill Dr.- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD

$212,962- 525 Longfellow Dr.- Huntington Chase Homes to Thomas C. Cullen and Lynn M. Cullen

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