Green: General election offers dismal choice to conscientious voters

By The Madison County Record | Mar 24, 2014

To the Editor:

To the Editor:

I entered the Democratic Party primary for U.S. Congress because I felt that each of my two opponents lacked an analytical, principled, and democratic approach to addressing the severe crises that face our government and society. That impression was amply confirmed by their statements and tactics throughout the campaign, exemplifying what I have called the politics of “evasion, obedience, and triviality.”

I appreciate the support of those who were convinced by my philosophy and views, and I accept the blame for not being able to reach and convince more voters than I did. Unfortunately, the general election offers a dismal choice to conscientious voters. Our social crises demand broad, creative, and non-violent struggle if our nation is to have anything that can be called a just and humane future.

In our rich nation half of working families are classified as low income, and there is an effective unemployment rate of at least 15%. Our elites have for seven decades attempted to rule the world by force as our society decays and collapses from within. We are saddled with a monstrous for-profit healthcare system and a public educational system that billionaire “philanthropists” covet in terms of both profits and indoctrination.

If this continues, a clear majority of Americans will lead lives of unrewarding struggle and intermittent desperation, and traumatic social and environmental breakdowns will become increasingly frequent. At that point the notion of individual freedom will have become all but meaningless. We are compelled to use the freedoms we still have—in solidarity—before they disappear.

David Green


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