Glen Carbon Police Chief John Lakin said hard work and dedication brought about his resounding victory in Tuesday's primary election.

He handily defeated incumbent Robert Hertz as Democratic nominee for Madison County Sheriff.

Lakin received 7,929 votes; Hertz had 4,401 votes.

Lakin said he expected the race to be closer.

“Hard work paid off,” Lakin said. “We worked late into Tuesday afternoon.”

If the county Republican organization decides to slate a candidate for November’s general election, nomination papers would likely be circulated soon to meet an early June deadline. If that does not happen, Lakin will be unopposed.

Lakin said he would continue to build his base of supporters and raise funds for a possible challenge.

“I have to be prepared that there will be an opponent,” he said.

Regarding the jail bond referendum that was trounced on Tuesday, 16,276 to 8,092, Lakin said he was glad that voters had an opportunity to voice their opinions.

He said his approach to fixing structural and space issues at the County Jail in Edwardsville would be to prioritize repairs based on immediacy and over the long term.

“If residents are going to have to pay for it, then I’m glad voters got to decide,” he said.

The jail bond referendum was a hot button issue for Madison County residents this election.

After County Board members voted 20-7 in October to pass a “back door” referendum issuing $18 million in bonds for the jail, opponents got organized. Through a grass roots effort, more than 23,000 signatures were collected to get the question on the ballot. The volunteers collected 6,000 more signatures than were needed.

Lakin: $34,500 – Hertz: $65,500

Not even a last minute infusion of $17,500 in donations from local attorneys could help Hertz in his effort to win a fourth term as Sheriff.

On March 17, asbestos attorney Randy Gori and his wife Beth Gori gave Hertz $5,000 each; personal injury firm Keefe and Keefe of Belleville donated $5,000 and Edwardsville attorney Joseph R. Brown donated $2,500.

On top of that, Hertz had contributed $20,000 on Feb. 11 and another $20,000 on March 6. Since Jan. 1, he raised an additional $8,000 from four sources.

All totaled, Hertz raised at least $65,500 year to date, according to the State Board of Elections. The Board only posts contributions exceeding $1,000 during the period leading up to the election. More details are known when quarterly reports are released.

Lakin was helped in his election win with help from asbestos attorneys John Simmons and Jeffrey Cooper, who each contributed $5,000 to Lakin. In the 2010 election cycle, the attorneys contributed at least $1,000 apiece to Hertz.

Since Jan. 1, Lakin pulled in $34,500 in contributions from 10 sources.

Lakin raised just $2,650 last year. Hertz raised $22,300 in the last quarter and had $43,457 going into the new year.

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