Hertz deserves another term

By The Madison County Record | Feb 28, 2014

To the Editor:

Sheriff Bob Hertz is running for re-election in the March primary elections.  I am writing to express support for him. From my biased standpoint, Bob deserves another term in this critical office.

I have known Bob Hertz since 1974, when I was hired as a young prosecutor for the Madison County State's Attorney. At the time, Bob was a detective in the Sheriff's Department, where he now has 42 years of service.  During those years, Bob’s cases were always sought out by prosecutors, because they were so well prepared and he was such a fine witness.

Through our professional contacts, Bob and I became personal friends. He stood up for me when I was married.  Our families have remained close for nearly 40 years.  I have watched as my friend became a great dad to his three wonderful children. I have seen him delight in his young grandchildren.  When I got some very bad medical news two years ago, it was Bob who took me to the hospital.  The point is that I know Bob Hertz and the kind of man he is.

Besides his family, Bob’s other true love is the Madison County Sheriff's Department.  When I arrived in 1974, the Department was involved in federal investigations that resulted in top officials being convicted of corruption charges. A dark cloud hung over the Department. As Chief of Detectives and then Chief Deputy under Sheriffs Emil Toffant and Bob Churchich, Hertz was instrumental and unrelenting in building the Sheriff's Department to its current proud status.  Bob will always protect the integrity of the Department, regardless of personal cost.

It is my honor to call Sheriff Robert Hertz a friend. I hope you will give him careful consideration in the March primary election.

Joseph R. Brown, Jr.



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