Former clerk Delaney could lose home to foreclosure

By The Madison County Record | Feb 27, 2014


Former St. Clair County clerk Bob Delaney and wife Janet will lose their home in a few weeks, if they can’t raise about $240,000.

Circuit Judge Stephen McGlynn entered judgment against them on Feb. 20, for foreclosure and sale of their property at 48 Woodford Way in Collinsville.

A public auction would occur after May 14, the end of their redemption period.

Washington Mutual Bank loaned them $202,000, in 2002.

In 2008, in the financial crisis, JP Morgan Chase bought the Delaney loan along with the rest of Washington Mutual’s business.

The Delaneys fell behind in 2010, and the bank modified the loan at $218,034.93.

They fell behind again, and the bank filed a foreclosure action in 2012.

The bank dismissed the action but filed another last year.

It moved for judgment on Feb. 13, with the principal balance at $215,856.

The judgment added $20,680.70 for interest, property tax deficiencies, insurance, legal fees and other costs, raising the total to $236,536.70.

With interest accruing at $27.35 a day, the total would reach $238,806.75 by the end of the redemption period.

The judgment provides that at auction, the bank will open the bidding.

The Delaneys also face judgment on a Commerce Bank debt approaching $100,000.

Commerce Bank obtained an order garnishing his wages as county clerk last June, and he immediately resigned.

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