Dorman: Defending reputation against false claims

By The Madison County Record | Feb 14, 2014

To the Editor:

To the Editor:

Thank you for providing a forum to counter your editorial view because contrary to your editorial I do not want to belong to a club that doesn’t want me as a member.

I did however for the past three years want the membership to know that facts that were explained to them during their vote at the annual meeting, and that testimony given during the hearing prior to that were false, and I believe that came out in testimony.

They were told that I had viewed a video tape of the incident involving my son and Mr. Tarrant when I had not viewed it. When we asked for a copy of it it had been erased.

My attorney discredited Mr. Tarrant’s wife’s testimony because during the membership hearing she said she had not heard my wife’s comments because she was in the basement and not present but she did hear me. Then in court she said that she had heard my wife because she was present and that she wasn’t in the basement. If she wasn't present to hear my wife then she wasn't present to hear me either because it was the same conversation.

As a Madison County tax payer for over thirty years I do not think it was a big, pointless waste of time and money to defend my reputation against false claims, especially when they are caught on audio tape in front of a room full of people. Because I didn’t collect an award doesn't make them any less false, it only means the jury didn’t think I suffered an economic interest.

Robert Dorman


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