January 31, 2014 

Green Tree Servicing V. Margarito Perez Mendez and Yohana Perez Ortiz. $44,421.99, 2002 Meridian Avenue, Granite City. 14-CH-80

February 3, 2014

Bank of America V. James Fowler and Lisa A. Fowler, $54,098.14, 105 East Elm Street, Alton. 14-CH-81

February 4, 2014

Collinsville Building and Loan V. Donald A. Turpin and Jennifer L. Turpin, $78,665.00, 1262 Ridgewood Court, Collinsville. 14-CH-82

Green Tree Servicing V. Byford St. Clair, $13,730.85, 122 South Main Street, Wood River. 14-CH-83

PNC Bank V. Dawn Cann and Dennis Lee Cann, $52,898.47, 4837 Warnock Street, Granite City. 14-CH-84

February 5, 2014

US Bank V. Bernice Thomas and Christina Veasley, $53,967.33,625 &627 Liberty Street, Alton. 14-CH-85

February 6, 2014

Nationstar Mortgage V. Erik Tongay and Emily Tongay, $76,041.12, 1744 Primerose Avenue, Granite City. 14-CH-86

Nationstar Mortgage V. Jerry D. Kinney,$ 46,503.66, 1819 Myrtle Street, Alton. 14-CH-87

CitiMortgage V. Timothy R. Hall and Kate L. Hall, $41,786.90, 663 Whitelaw Avenue, Wood River. 14-CH-88

February 7, 2014

Pennymac Holdings V. Charles  Johnson and Zenobia Z. Johnson,$212,153.05, 3100 Parkview Drive, Granite City. 14-CH-90

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