To the Editor:

On December 19, 2013 I did not engage Debra Donovan at the Caseyville Township meeting. Instead it was Ms. Donovan, speaking out of order and in violation of Roberts Rules of Order, who engaged the conversation. She was defensive and combative after I made mention of a vehicle owned by herself and her husband, Township Trustee Richard Donovan parked in a handicapped parking spot during a public meeting.

When I went before the Caseyville Township Board I pleaded with them to no avail to adhere to the law and provide public information that is clearly defined as available within 5 ILCS 140/ The Illinois Freedom of Information Act. They refused. They continue to be in violation of laws intended to foster open and transparent government.

Some of the information I am being denied is the disclosure of legal fees paid out to defend a lawsuit by members of the Cerebral Palsey Center of Southern Illinois.

Other information I seek is what I believe will show blatant disregard and a plethora of violations to 5 ILCS 120/ The Illinois Open Meetings Act. Also being denied is information that will prove my innocence against numerous baseless personal attacks falsely leveled against me for demanding that Caseyville Township follow the law.

Brad Van Hoose


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