December 17, 2013


  • $55,000- 212 Patterson Pl.- Crivello Family Trust to Joshua and Paula Underhill

  • $40,000- 1200 Milton- United Community Bank to Nancy Laird

  • $32,325- 2603 Benbow Avenue- The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to TCS I LLC

  • $29,000- 2105 State St. and 2100 Mulberry St.- Estate of Thomas M. Delehanty to Beth Jones


  • $125,000- 114 Stuart St.- Matthew B. Thomas and Melanie A. Thomas to Zachary Robins

  • $36,000- 726 Albers Lane- Fannie Mae to James E. Shepard and Sandra J. Shepard


  • $15,000- 800 Beltline Road- First Collinsville Bank to City of Collinsville

  • $7,000- 800 Beltline Road- First Collinsville Bank to State of Illinois

  • $56,000- 105 Cottage Drive- Ethel A. Bauer and James Richard Mersinger to Jerry L. Carver and Debra L. Carver

East Alton

  • $65,000- 1005 Rhondell Lane- Timothy and Melinda Snyder to Kristi Durbin and Zachariya Abduluh

  • $91,000- 322 Westerholdt St.- Francis L. Graham and Dorothy A. Graham to Kelley Acker

  • $81,250- 83 Amherst Dr.- Leslie Collins to Joseph and Jenny Paynic

  • $104,500- 706 Willoway Avenue- Charles and Linda Woodard to Dorothy Wilson


  • $168,419- 5905 Rosebud Lane- Karen Fischer to Margot B. Gerst

  • $53,000- 706 Taylor Ave.- George Hornsey to SR Taylor I Trust

Granite City

  • $65,000- 2231 Woodlawn Avenue- Estate of Scotty R. Gant to Joseph B. Bowler

  • $20,250- 2723 Myrtle Avenue- Fannie Mae to GCP Holdings INC.

  • $40,000- 2240 Lynch Ave.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Glindon Mathis

  • $34,000- 3013 Edgewood Ave.- Gwendolyn Freeman to Milburn Kurt Gardner and Leigh Ann Gardner

  • $85,000- 1106 27th Street- The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Chad and JoAnne Adcox


  • $85,000- 118 East Maple Street- Leland and Donna Althoff to Hartford LLC


  • $264,201- 1305 Rutledge Drive- Lerch Homes INC. to Joseph Caradonna and Kristen Caradonna

  • $162,500- 8603 Lebanon Road- Paulette Archer to Louie Tettaton and Courtner Tettaton

  • $272,100- 8008 Piedmont- Osborn Homes INC. to Christopher Renner and Amy Rener

Wood River

  • $30,000- 117 East Acton Avenue- James S. Crowder and Judy H. Crowder to John Huber

  • $97,500- 430 Illinois Avenue- Ron Harris to Bradley Thomas Isbell

December 14, 2013

East Alton

  • $78,000- 132 Charlene St.- Impact Ventures LLC to Stephanie D. Frazer

  • $90,000- 712 E. Woodland Dr.- Estate of Dennis N. Allison to Richard Wooley Jr.

  • $94,000- 832 Bee Tree Lane- Erica Prange Dixon to Jeremy T. Dively and Amanda N. Dively


  • $139,000- 164 Alden Lane- Patrick Wollenweber and Amy Wollenweber to Nathan Sickmeier and Courtney Walsh

  • $162,500- 838 Harvard Drive- Chad B. Weber to Erika A. Enos

  • $138,900- 1060 East Franklin Avenue- Bradley S. Fultz and Kandall J. Fultz to Douglas J. ‘Eder and Suzanna L. ‘Eder

Glen Carbon

  • $163,500- 4 Grainey Drive- Janice Barlow to Philip D. Newlon and Karen S. Newlow


  • $106,000- 713 Lafayette Ave.- Michael D. and Amy C. Denother to Ashley M. Wisnasky

Granite City

  • $50,000- 513 Fleming St.- Cynthia L. Dermott, Bruce W. Cripps, Vicki D. Kraus, Russell A. Cripps, Cynthia L. Dermott, Kevin Cripps, Dennis L. Cripps, Richard Cripps, and Danielle Vasquez to Donald L. Dermott and Cynthia L. Dermott

  • $33,000- 1701 Garfield Avenue- The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Hwayoung Yi

December 19, 2013


  • $19,200- 1201 Spaulding St.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Tremayne Brown

Glen Carbon

  • $60,000- 16A Cougar Dr.- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Mahin Karimpour


  • $53,000- 124 Saturn Drive- Rachel Olivas to Brian Bushnell

Granite City

  • $10,000- 2106 Lee Ave.- Connie S. Meyers (Dennis) to Monsin Siddiqui and Diana Saidy Siddiqui

  • $2,000- 2102 Lee Ave.- Connie S. Dennis to Monsin Siddiqui and Diana Saidy Siddiqui

  • $12,500- 2455 Illinois Ave.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Billie F. Gaede

  • $80,000- 2845 Fortune Dr.- Christopher J. Robinson and Mandy R. Robinson to Jonathan J. Morlen

  • $72,500-3217 Wayne Ave.- Gayla D. Bennett to Rachel A. Rowlett

  • $11,869- 2860 Ralph Street- HSBC Bank USA National Association to Wayne Musatics and Sybil Musatics


  • $155,000- 25 Willow Lane- The Estate of William F. Peters to Tyler Marshall

  • $55,000- 45 Quail Drive- HSBC Mortgage Services INC. to Larry G. Wellen


  • $10,200- 722 Iowa St.- Centrue Bank to CR Capital Group LLC


  • $44,000- 10 Cedar Point Park- PM Office Park LLC to Anthony Camillo and Debra Camillo

  • $90,000- 316 Orchard Court- The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Robinson Realty LLC

December 20, 2013


  • $53,800- 4 Front St.- Robert H. Lasley and Patricia Lasley to Mark Adams and Christine Velloff

  • $179,900- 8262 Grande Terre Place- Charles and Judith Silver to Andrew and Ashley Janis

  • $83,700- 1501 South Rodgers Avenue- Tonya A. and Steven Bosaw to Takeisha Burnett

  • $26,000- 3228 Oakwood- Daniel and Theresa Whiteside to Deborah Keymon

  • $36,000- 2542 Randolph Street- David Lattin to Kendal and Rebecca Nolle

  • $54,000- 801 Herbert St.- David Goen to Walter Robert McDonald


  • $130,000- 18 Parkside Dr.- Heirs of Audrey M. Friedel to Melba J. Friedel

  • $113,000- 53 Parkside Drive- Virginia A. Downer to Shewmake Revocable Living Trust


  • $125,000- 207 Yvonne Drive- Ruth A. Conway to Michael L. Matthews

East Alton

  • $15,000- 88 W. Haller Dr.- Leland L. Pollard and Mary R. Pollard Trust to C & C Home Restoration LLC


  • $180,418- 3222 Staunton Road- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Eric Hill and Christina Hill

Glen Carbon

  • $285,000- 155 Ginger Hill Court- Michael Ryan and Kimberly Ryan to Tracy Aaron Hitt


  • $65,000- 4617 Mary Avenue- Eric S. and Jenna Bechtold to Joan’s Properties INC.

  • $170,000- 1818 Paris Dr.- Chad E. and Andria J. Malloy to Michael D. and Amy C. Denother

Granite City

  • $81,500- 2728 Saratoga St.- Impact Ventures LLC to Seth D. Peterson

  • $35,000- 2605 Buenger Blvd.- ASF Development to Foreman Development INC.

  • $179,900- 2605 Buenger Blvd.- Foreman Development INC. to Lindsay Bastilla


  • $132,000- 7021 W. Main St.- Sarah Fernandez and Jason Fernandez to John H. Carr and Cecelia R. Carr


  • $215,000- 8053 State Route 159- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Aaron and Jessica Cherepkal


  • $1,500- .17 Acres North of 911 Williamson- Vista Securities INC. to Sheila Dew


  • $169,000- 4 Oakbrooke- Ryan J. McGuire and Lauren E. McGuire to Clayton D. Miller and Deborah A. Miller

  • $185,000- 107 McArthur Dr.- Shirley Flinn to Eric S. Heyen and Courtney Ostendorf

  • $38,000- 8309 Castle Ridge Dr.- Tim Koenig to Jeremy L. Blackwell and Cassie R. Blackwell

  • $222,000- 516 Patton Dr.- Doulgas Pierard and Jill I. Pierard to Jason Fernandez and Sarah Fernandez


  • $12,500- 1275 Klein- Dennis D. Ballinger to Earline Price

Wood River

  • $59,900- 337 Vanpreter Ave.- Heirs of Shirley M. Colborn to Nicole A. Phipps

  • $38,900- 529 North 2nd Street- Tony L. Bechel to Michael Seitzinger and Jennifer Sabin

December 23, 2013


  • $320,000- 523 Summit- Gregory C. Mossman to David and Sue Ellen Coughtry

Cottage Hills

  • $29,000- 930 Meadow Drive- Household Finance Corporation III to Jeremy David and Jeffrey Brian Crockett


  • $82,000- Old Carpenter Road- Clifford W. Gruner and Judy Gruner to Thomas D. Gibbons, Lori J. Gibbons, Michael Burns, and Judy G. Burns

  • $300,000- 211 2nd Avenue- M & M Service Company to 2S Properties LLC

  • $149,900- 215 2nd Avenue- 2S Properties LLC to Parks Development Properties LLC


  • $145,000- 7125 Montclair Ave.- P&L Investments LLC to Pearl Family Limited Partnership

Granite City

  • $179,900- 3438 Ozzie Drive- Wise Choice Properties INC. to Bill J. Forte and Genera D. Forte

  • $8,000- 2600 Grand Ave.- Emily Doniff Warzycki to Carol Sue Raub-Gitcho


  • $236,497- XXXXX George Street- Propane Plus INC. to M & M Service Company

  • $189,900- 60 Rosin Drive- Michael L. Mueller and Rebecca R. Mueller to Evan Taylor and Courtney Liening


  • $12,500- 1540 6th Street- The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Judith A. Smittick


  • $128,000- 20 Rosewood Drive- Abigail Bass and Aaron Bass to Melissa Aubuchon

St. Jacob

  • $280,975- 2011 Grandview Drive- Renfro Construction INC. to Chad Nauman


  • $500,000- Mill Creek Rd.- Poletti Family Limited Partnership to Ronald T. Poletti

December 26, 2013


  • $155,000- 11809 Niggli Road- Terry Jakel to Jerry A. Stone and Melanie S. Stone


  • $133,750-3301 Agnes Blvd.- Steven Johns to Amanda Henningfeld


  • $177,500- 20 Brookwood Dr.- Kimberly A. Sickage and Dana S. Jenkins to Michael Hayes and Karen Hayes

  • $36,000- 115 Clark- Belinda Sumrak to Wendy Gariglietti

  • $92,500- 404 Belt Line Road- Scott R. Franklin Jr. and Amanda R. Franklin to Scubaduck Inc.

  • $330,000- Troy Road (North Frontage Road)- Thomas M. Welch, Paul A. Welch, and Lois W. Metzger to Ameren Illinois Company

East Alton

  • $10,890- 632 Lincoln Avenue- The Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

  • $73,512- 13 Airwood Drive- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Stacey E. Marks

  • $45,000- 160 Niagara Street- Noah’s Wish INC. to Beth Ann Cincoski

  • $65,500-605 Lincoln Ave.- Fern Lalumondier, Margaret A. McKeever, and Barbara J. Schum to William C. Dowdy and Marcia Dowdy


  • $5,000- 318 Pine St.- Jacky Yuk-Chow So to Jeffrey M. Brown

  • $112,000- 817 Klein Ave.- Cora Vivian Harris to Myrtle Ahart

  • $140,000- 142 Hollyhock Lane- Kevin Autenrieb to Andrew Wasser and Brenda Wasser

  • $900,000- 1120 State Route 157- Hopkins Professional Center INC. to 1120 Properties LLC

  • $110,000- 1211 Troy Road- William T. Shacklady and Margaret G. Shacklady to Kay E. Sinn

  • $433,942- 8405 Stone Ledge Drive- Phelps Construction Incorporated to Andrew R. Parker and Andrea M. Parker

  • $137,500- 210 McKinley Avenue- Megan Bagheri and Navid Bagheri to Nicholas Day

  • $235,000- 9 W. Lockhaven Court- Leroy L. Gori to Jonathan Gierich and Rachel Gierich

  • $195,000- 4036 Sequoia Drive- Kathleen D. Hustava to Matthew J. Sidarous and Mallory J. Sidarous

  • $115,000- 237 5th Avenue- Kathryn Rosanna Sharpe to Richard C. Schmidt

  • $130,000- 706 Samuel Dr.- Marlyn K. Micheletto to Kelly E. Clarke and Norman P. Martinez

  • $155,000- 5567 N. State Route 159- Tina Stokert and Robert A. Stockert to Colin Rupprecht and Holly Rupprecht

Glen Carbon

  • $308,345- 132 Ellington Ct.- Lerch Homes INC. to Omba T. Ngoma and Allison G. Hansen

  • $197,400- 24 Charles Drive- Jonathan A. Gierich and Rachel Gierich to Marsha Brooks

  • $114,500- 92 S. Station- Barry Clapsaddle and Laura Clapsaddle to John K. Alvarado and Carly L. Alvarado

Granite City

  • $103,970- 125 Wilson Park Lane- Bank of America to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

  • $50,000- 109 Wilson Park Lane- Richard A Kuerper and Bertha M. Kuerper to Katherine A. Castillo

  • $61,500- 3128 Harvard Place- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Shiree Bartlett

  • $160,000- 4873 Danielle Ct.- Western Construction Group INC. to Loma R. Mallet

  • $56,000- 3244 Wayne Avenue- Heather Mitchell to Stephanie R. Worthen


  • $37,000- 19 North Olive Street- Richard Jouett Jr. to Hartford LLC


  • $113,000- 2116 S. St. Michael Court- Gary and Jan Kreutzberg to John P. and Lynn Todt

  • $257,000- 15 Shannon Court- Michael G. Riffel and Michele L. Riffel to Michael L. Mueller an Rebecca R. Mueller

  • $338,000- 101 Mayflower Court- Michelle L. Kuczka to Scott W. Stehlik and Amanda S. Stehlik

  • $152,000- 115 A. Warren Manor- Steve A. Korte and Brenda M. Korte to Kenneth D. Royer Jr.

  • $210,000- 1767 State Route 160- Edwin A. Wiley and Kelly L. Wiley to Joseph E. Murphy and Linda K. Murphy

  • $174,000- 1953 Klaus Geiger Road- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Mary O’Taylor

  • $195,000- 245 North Porte Drive- First National Bank in Staunton to Jeremy P. Massa and Rachel L. Massa

  • $353,000- 23 Willow Creek Drive- Linda M. Schwend to Mandy Z. and Lewis J. Eyrich

  • $123,000- 40B Chase Way- Brett A. Frey to Lynn M. Rinderer

  • $200,000- 13726 Kayser Road- William J. Greenwald to William R. Greenwald


  • $223,000- 8 Annebriar Drive- Robert J. Banitt and Harriet R. Banitt to Steven Johns and Erika Metz

New Douglas

  • $2,500- XXX South Main St.- Donald J. and Gloryann V. Ridall to Conne Thiems


  • $112,424- 29 Deer Run E.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Frederick A. Pierce and Jennifer Pierce

  • $205,000- 13820 Pierland Court- Lynn M. Rinderer to Todd and Jessica Zobrist

St. Jacob

  • $780,000- Summerfield Rd.- Fremond E. Kunz Trust to Dean Seger and Sons INC.


  • $100,000- 7216 State Route 162- Kenneth E. Hardwick to Danny K. Frey

  • $120,000- 910 Carla Drive- Baljinder K. Pannu to Nathan Litteken

  • $188,000- 7300 Graythorn Court- CMG Custom Construction to Louise Snyder

  • $178,500- 336 B Jarvis Ct.- Deanna Brooks to Deborah J. Wallace

  • $75,000- 205 E. Clay Street- Kelley Parsons to Mark Porter

  • $219,000-10 Stonebrooke- Wilburn H. Long Jr. and Carol A. Long to Troy J. Kemper and Keri L. Kemper


  • $177,426- Bremen Ave.- Ameren Missouri to Transload Realty LLC

Wood River

  • $58,000- 399 Jennings Ave.- Peggy D. Ellis and Ramona L. Determan to Kelly C.M. Brooks

  • $69,900- 137 South 7th Street- Darrell A. Jose and Stacy K. Pale-Jose to Louis Littell and Joanne Littell


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