A woman is suing Regions Bank and two others claiming her signature had been forged on bank documents.

Eveline Ghatan filed a lawsuit Dec. 12 in the Circuit Court of St. Clair County against Regions Bank stating that on Nov. 1, 2006, the bank and its employee Todd S. Vitek committed a fraud upon Ghatan by forging her signature or allowing a forged signature of the plaintiff on certain loan documents between Regions Bank and Sina Ghatan for refinancing a mortgage for property located at 8200 W. Main St., Bellville, and concealing said documents from plaintiff.

The lawsuit further states that Sina Ghatan committed a fraud against Eveline Ghatan by forging the plaintiff’s signature or having some third party forge her signature.

Eveline Ghatan, represented by attorney Don Cary Collins, is seeking damages in excess of $15,000 from each of the defendants.

St. Clair County Circuit Court Case No. 13-L-617.

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