December 10, 2013


  • $21,000- 2626 Judson Ave.- HUD to Dennis Gatten

  • $8,000- 1120 Harrison Street- Raynard J. Brown and Aaron Brown to Kristie Monigan


  • $44,100- 74 Woodcrest Dr.- Bethcor INC. to John A. Bishop and Nancy R. Bishop

Cottage Hills

  • $23,000- 83 Lincoln St.- Debra Reid to Charles E. and Lorena M. Hall

East Alton

  • $64,000- 133 Virginia St.- Dennis Day to Kimberly J. Chamness


  • $110,000- 650 Frederick St.- Thea Coconino to Deborah L. Walker

  • $122,000- 617 Grandview Drive- Maude Leora Kovarik to Julie L. Cook

  • $149,000- 454 Tamarach Drive- Kevin J. Stief and Donna Stief to Eric R. Thornsberry and Kristin N. Williams

Glen Carbon

  • $162,000- 205 Cascade Drive- Thomas R. Roustio and Victoria Roustio to Timothy George Dittman and Victorias Jean Dittman

  • $205,000- 3154 Alexandria Drive- Phoenix Homes of Illinois LLC to Elizabeth Heil


  • $96,500- 216 Pinewood Dr.- Jeffrey W. Evans to Dace L. Hartman

Granite City

  • $105,000- 2442 Lynch Avenue- Ana Hernandez to Mark R. Warren and Treasa A. Warren

  • $11,000- 2515 Lincoln Avenue- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to GCP Holdings LLC

  • $148,500- 14 Hanson Dr.- James Price and Merle Price to Adrienne R. Pumphrey


  • $73,500- 114 Wolf Ave.- Federal National Mortgage Association to Jonathan W. Absher and Kimberly A. Absher


  • $8,300- 113 Hawthorne Ave.- Nationstar to CR Capital Group LLC


  • $343,000- 10 Seasons Ridge Ct.- Timothy S. Hogan and Sue E. Hogan to Andrew Builta and Erin Builta

  • $37,100- 405 Nepute St. and Lots of Giofre Ave.- Walter Richard Patton to Diamante Capital LLC

New Douglas

  • $62,000- 503 S. Main Street- Raenae Manshott to Gary Bolen and Mary Bolen


  • $70,000- 108 Ridge Crossing Lane- Sean M. Wolters and Kendra A. Wolters to Penn Builders LLC


  • $349,600- Albrecht Road- Adoplh H. Albrecht to Bart A. Albrecht and Brenda M. Albrect

December 11, 2013


  • $50,000- 2223 State Street- The "Krug House" Partnership to Aaron Agne and Matthew Cary

  • $491- 19 E. 9th- City of Alton to Kori D. Agne

  • $360,000- PT W 1/2 NE 1/4 SEC 5-5-9- Larry R. Manns to Terry A. Meyer

  • $47,000- 10 WT St Apt 10ths- Frank T. Anderson, Clifton E. Moore, and William Moore Jr. to William A. Maher


  • $170,000- 114 Glenwood Drive- Christine M. Simmons and Grant W. Simmons to Joshua E. Welling


  • $110,000- 127 E. Madison Ave.- Megan M. Noll and Joshua Noll to Samantha Garcia

  • $160,000- 592 Watch Hill Road- Eduardo Santiago and Christina Santiago to Jason B. Ledoux and Paula E. Ledoux

  • $82,000- 528 E. Main- SBSM Properties LLC to Bruce Nessel and Deborah Zumwinkel


  • $285,000- 81 E. Southcrest Circle- Haroon R. Randhawa and Nausheen Randhawa to Landon C. Terry

Granite City

  • $165,000- 1388 Lee St.- Harvel L. Murray Jr. to Erik Ruiz

  • $20,000- 2332 Cleveland Blvd.- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Rickey Lee Patterson

  • $438,060- 3711 Nameoki Road- Leon Cori Revocable Trust to Mikord LLC

  • $25,000- 2816 Palmer Ave.- Michael P. Dixon to Yeager Properties INC.


  • $22,000- 117 E. Forest Street- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Therese Campbell LLC


  • $84,900- 122 Sterling Drive- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Mark Niedert


  • $122,000- 108 Mary Dr.- Michael W. Crump and Peggy A. Crump to Jonathan Pilliard

Wood River

  • $84,000- 163 S. Central Ave.- Douglas G. Rudy to Sandra K. Stamm

December 12, 2013


  • $45,000- 1109 Milton Rd.- Ruth Farmer to Kendal L. Nolle

  • $4,350- 2107 Locust Ave.- Great Southern Bank to Kimberly A. Outman


  • $82,000- 1200 Portland Avenue- Jeffrey L. Green to Daniel R. Buffington

  • $22,000- 208 South Seminary Street- The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Bart Astrauskas


  • $375,000- 312 Shea Court- James Boore and Tamara Boore to Kim E. Woods and Melissa L. Woods

  • $1,450,000- 2204 Troy Road- Theodore and Julianne Prehn, Roth Family Limited Partnership to Midwest Asset Group LLC

Glen Carbon

  • $52,990- 3158 Alexandra Drive- Savannah Crossing Development INC. to Remington Properties LLC


  • $15,000- 2717 Walter Street- Daniel C. and Karen L. Krankel to Andrew Tucker

  • $79,000- 4443 Delta Queen Lane- Piney Ridge Properties to Richard Meyer

Granite City

  • $16,500- 2168 Orville Avenue- Fannie Mae to Jeremy Hosto

  • $73,000- 2618 Benton St.- Stanley Mark Watkins to Blake E. Johnson and Kaitlyn E. Dohnal


  • $185,000- 64 Memorial Court- Connie L. Tierney to Caleb R. Houchins and Heidi L. Houchins

  • $0- 525 Pike Drive W- The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Debora L. Seefeldt


  • $185,000- 6860 West Drive- Mary I. Miller to Geraldine D. and Crystal J. Runion

St. Jacob

  • $304,900- 2013 Grandview Drive- Cadagin Homes INC. to James Boore and Tamara Boore


  • $191,800- 715 Bouse Road- Penny L. Smedley and Roxanne Ericksen to John E. Payton and Andrea I. Payton

  • $140,000- 6 Stonebrooke- HSBC Bank USA to Morgan and Andria Schram

  • $170,750- 403 Blue Bird Lane- Brandon and Shannon Gentry to Zachary and Magge Medema

December 13, 2013


  • $244,800- 6500 S. Fransen Rd.- David W. Fellhauer to Michael Niemeier and Beth Niemeier


  • $75,000- 1113 W. Main- Ryan P. Haislar and Jennifer L. Haislar to Sara Eder

  • $55,900- 1702 F Ramada Blvd.- Rebecca L. Nesbit to Jenhua Chi and Minho Chi


  • $85,900- 8453 Stone Ledge Drive- Black Oak Development LLC to Duane Gieseke and Heather Gieseke

East Alton

  • $230,000- 260 S 9th Street- David L. Hand and Cynthia K. Hand to Shawn C. Williams and Trese Williams

  • $144,000- 309 E. Airwood Dr.- Shawn C. Williams and Trese Williams to Justin M. Sandbach and Jennifer L. Sandbach

Glen Carbon

  • $160,000- 201 Ashford Drive- Rebecca Webb to Billie Jo Schooley Tatum

  • $322,933- 137 Ellington Court- Spencer Homes LLC to Tonya Genovese and Justin Bernaix


  • $178,000- 3103 Calhoun Dr.- Donald G. and Starlette M. Diserens to Irene Hass

Granite City

  • $45,000- 3108 Willow Ave.- Carol J. Williams and Gary R. Williams to HOMEiNVESTORS LLC

  • $150,000- 3313 Preston Dr.- Timothy S. Ellsworth and Lisa Ellsworth to James Woods and Rebecca Woods

  • $85,000- 1621 Bremen Ave.- Glindon Mathis to Leo M. Deak and Barbara K. Deak


  • $127,000- 102 Wolf Avenue- Matthew W. and Sandra J. Bowers to Bryce and Audra Sever


  • $270,000- Corner of St. Rose and Iberg Rd.- Grandview Farm Limited Partnership to Highland-Pierron Fire Protection Dist.-

  • $45,000- 1313 Walnut Street- Steven Landert and Maxine Johnson to Matthew L. and Jackie L. Jenkins

  • $42,900- 3264 White Tail Court- Joseph S. Cline and Georgianna M. Cline to Daniel P. Lucas and Tracie L. Lucas

  • $30,000- 40 Warbler Dr.- Bernard O. Huelsmann to Bernard O. Huelsmann

  • $185,000- 40 Warbler Dr.- Bernard O. Huelsmann to Brian D. Klucker

  • $119,900- 404 Sycamore Street- Caleb R. and Heidi L. Houchins to Brian E. and Stephanie D. Wilken

  • $223,000- 2350 Motel Road- Melvin G. Moore Rev Trust to Mohamed Salama and Nazik Abouhuzaimah


  • $225,900- 12 Forest Knoll Court- Osborn Homes INC. to Joseph L. Barlow and Janice L. Barlow

  • $140,000- 125 Turtle Creek- Tim McCoy and Melanie McCoy to Groves Investments Co.

  • $40,000- 223 Sunnybrooke- Brian K. Steele and Tami R. Steele to Jason Askew

  • $135,000- 514 Zenk Rd.- Dawn M. Krimminger and John L. Krimminger to Nicole Gustafson

December 16, 2013


  • $25,000- 922 Danforth St.- Federal National Mortgage Association to Dustin Snyders Trust

  • $5,600- 1637 South Rodgers Avenue- Ken Garger to Intergrity Home Buyers LLC

  • $976- 316 Spring Street- City of Alton to Edward Hightower

  • $11,515- 606 Condit Ave.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Christopher C. Middleton


  • $71,283- 217 Brown Street- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD


  • $95,900- 314 Garesche St.- Harold Ray Parker to Mark Finch

  • $40,000- 3134 Harvard Place- Barbara L. Clark to Veronica Delcarmen Saravia and Ramon Marquez

  • $166,500- 1 Grandbrook Boulevard- Marsha L. Brueggemann to Scott T. Adle and Rose E. Adle

East Alton

  • $45,000- 217 W. St. Louis Ave.- Sandra Stamm to Kelli Mathias


  • $217,000- 311 Barnett Drive- J & K Moseley INC. to Douglas Shepard and Tina Rottier

Granite City

  • $69,900- 2621 Adams Street- Christopher Von Nida to Andrew A. Kline and Kevin Kline

  • $62,000- 703 28th Street- Robert L. Pickerell Jr. and Kathryn Mae Pickerell to Aaron Moxey


  • $107,007- 2150 South Delmar- Phillips 66 Pipeline LLC to Phillips 66 Carrier LLC

  • $3,442,620- 2150 South Delmar- Phillips 66 Company to Phillips 66 Carrier LLC

South Roxana

  • $N/A- 709 Southard Place- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD

St. Jacob

  • $310,713- 2359 Triad Road- Matilda M. Hess Residuary Trust to Darren R. Otten

  • $110,391- 2359 Triad Road- Matilda M. Hess Residuary Tryst to Mike A. Maedge

  • $699,300- State Route 4- Emma W. Beyer Crat to James V. Henrichs


  • $105,000- 604 Blue Bird Lane- Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Joe Tolliver and Monica Venhuizen

  • $54,000- Maple Grove Road- Jan Louise Pahl to Phillip E. Hogue


  • $12,000- 6915 West Frontage Road- Helen J. Brase to Jeffrey Brase

  • $154,500- 8625 Possum Hill Rd.- Carrie Aitchison to Amy A. Peach

  • $111,300- 8829 Wildewood Drive- Bank of America to Vincent L. Gaddy and Kayla Gaddy

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