ST. LOUIS - Federal court clerk James Woodward entered default judgment against Danisha Combs of East St. Louis on a complaint that she improperly claimed fire damage at a house Ed Sieron owned.

If the judgment stands, Metropolitan Casualty would erase any obligation to pay her claim of $180,862.50, and would recover advance payments it made to her.

Metropolitan continues to seek an order relieving itself of any obligation to pay the proceeds of the claim to E&L, one of Sieron’s businesses.

Combs and Sieron signed a deed agreement in 2008, on a house at 1529 N. 43rd St.

She paid $2,000 down, and agreed to pay $500 a month on a $45,900 balance.

She insured the home for $143,832, about three times the cost of the deed agreement.

The policy also provided $83,890 in coverage for personal property.

Fire damaged the home last year.

Metropolitan sued Combs and E&L at federal court in St. Louis this September, alleging they misrepresented her as owner of her home.

Metropolitan claimed Combs admitted she concealed facts and made false statements about the identity of the mortgagee and the value of personal property.

E&L sued Metropolitan 11 days later in St. Clair County circuit court, claiming the insurer owed E&L $63,473.79.

E&L’s suit sought no relief for Combs.

Metropolitan removed E&L’s suit to federal court in October, and moved to transfer it to St. Louis for consolidation with its own case.

In the Missouri action, Combs did not answer the insurer’s complaint.

The docket shows the complaint was served on her by certified mail on Oct. 12.

District Judge Charles Shaw presides over the Missouri action, and District Judge Phil Gilbert presides over the Illinois action.

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