News from September 2018

Woman blames Trackside Bar & Grill for fall

By Angelica Saylo Pilo | Sep 10, 2018

A Collinsville restaurant faces a lawsuit over a woman's fall on the property.

Alton crash leads to lawsuit

By Angelica Saylo Pilo | Sep 10, 2018

An injured motorist blames another driver for negligence in a car accident on Liberty Street in Alton.

Live-in health aide accuses man of battery, and wrongful eviction

By Angelica Saylo Pilo | Sep 10, 2018

An accused murderer faces civil action over battering his home health aide.

School bus driver caused accident, driver claims

By Angelica Saylo Pilo | Sep 10, 2018

A motorist accuses a school bus driver of pulling out in front of her and causing an accident on Illinois Route 40.

Asbestos litigation analysis shows downward trend - except for boom in St. Clair County

By Ann Maher | Sep 10, 2018

While asbestos filings in courts across the country appear to be declining, the number of new cases being filed in St. Clair County Circuit Court have more than doubled from a year ago.

Police chief calls move to destroy Zastava improper while investigation is open

By Record News | Sep 11, 2018

O’FALLON – Whoever sought a court order to destroy a high capacity Zastava rifle did so without contacting the arresting agency to see if an investigation was still open or if the weapon had any evidentiary value, according to O'Fallon police chief Eric Van Hook.

State Farm could have argued other companies wanted Karmeier on court because of asbestos, class actions

By Record News | Sep 11, 2018

EAST ST. LOUIS – U.S. District Judge David Herndon gave class action lawyers many tools to damage Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Lloyd Karmeier and State Farm, but on the eve of trial he opened a hole in the class’s armor.

One of Illinois' top tax credit recipients to shutter 1,000-employee HQ

By Austin Berg, Illinois Policy Institute | Sep 12, 2018

Illinois issued more than $60 million in EDGE tax credits to Takeda Pharmaceuticals from 2003 to 2013, more than any other company received over that time.

Passenger sues driver for car accident in Godfrey

By Lhalie Castillo | Sep 12, 2018

A passenger accuses a motorist of negligence in a recent lawsuit over a car crash.

Allstate faces lawsuit by policy holder over uninsured claim

By Lhalie Castillo | Sep 12, 2018

A driver accuses a prominent insurance company of ignoring her insurance claim.

Motorcycle crash near Highway 203 prompts lawsuit

By Lhalie Castillo | Sep 12, 2018

The passenger on a motorcycle that crashed near Maryville Road and Highway 203 blames her driver for the accident.

Abbott Machine and employee face lawsuit over crash

By Lhalie Castillo | Sep 12, 2018

A truck driver blames a Dorsey resident and his employer for an accident in Granite City.

Man died from masonry chemical, widow says

By Angelica Saylo Pilo | Sep 12, 2018

The manufacturer of a tile and masonry chemical faces a wrongful death lawsuit.

Too many peanuts and not enough 'real' nuts in Walgreen's mixed nuts, class action claims

By Angelica Saylo Pilo | Sep 12, 2018

Walgreen Company faces a class-action lawsuit from a customer who alleges the pharmacy chain misrepresented the amount of peanuts in its bags of mixed nuts.

Madison County civil docket Sept. 17-21

By Heather Isringhausen Gvillo | Sep 12, 2018

Madison County circuit judges Mudge, Ruth and Crowder have law cases scheduled on the civil docket for the week of Sept. 17-21.

Calling Karmeier to witness stand might have risked plaintiffs’ case

By Record News | Sep 12, 2018

EAST ST. LOUIS – Class action lawyers may have taken a risk by calling Chief Justice Lloyd Karmeier to the stand in their trial against State Farm, according to an article published in 2013 by Corporate Counsel magazine.

Another trophy for attorney Stephen Tillery

By The Madison County Record | Sep 12, 2018

Big game hunters have bear rugs on the floors of their trophy rooms and stuffed animal heads mounted on the walls.

Employee accuses Union Pacific Railroad Company of unsafe work environment

By Angelica Saylo Pilo | Sep 12, 2018

The Union Pacific Railroad Company faces a lawsuit from an employee injured by working along the railroad tracks.

East Alton crash leads to litigation

By Angelica Saylo Pilo | Sep 13, 2018

An injured driver is suing over a 2016 car accident on Airline Drive in East Alton.

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