News from 2015

Father alleges daughter sexually assaulted during supervised visit

By The Madison County Record | Jan 13, 2015

A father alleges his minor daughter was sexually assaulted by her mother while on a supervised visit by a non-profit organization.

Belleville couple files suit against water company over flooded basement

By The Madison County Record | Jan 13, 2015

A Belleville couple alleges their property sustained damages when it was flooded after a water line erupted.

Woman alleges injuries after her bike struck large crack in sidewalk

By The Madison County Record | Jan 13, 2015

A woman has filed suit against the city of Lebanon, alleging she sustained injuries when the front tire of her bicycle struck a crack in the sidewalk.

Roofing company blames owner for using hay as insulation in suit involving house fire

By Heather Isringhausen Gvillo | Jan 13, 2015

A construction company accused of negligence after a house under construction caught fire blames the plaintiff for insulating the home with hay.

Man sues seeking repayment of loan

By The Madison County Record | Jan 14, 2015

A man has filed suit against Heritage Property, alleging it owes him $150,000.

Philip Morris argues $10.1 billion 'Price' case should never have been certified; Byron 'swept under the rug' individual issues, lawyer argues

By The Madison County Record | Jan 15, 2015

OdorizziSPRINGFIELD – Supreme Court Justices who reversed a $10 billion judgment against Philip Morris 10 years ago without resolving most of the issues in it should take up those issues now that the case has returned, Philip Morris argues.The cigarette maker pleaded for full review on Jan. 7, in a brief challenging a Fifth District appellate court decision that reinstated the judgment last year.Michelle

Man alleges co-owner failed to provide him with his adequate share

By The Madison County Record | Jan 15, 2015

A man alleges he lost his rightful interest in a company after his partner granted himself 60 percent ownership.

Company claims it is owed more than $30,000

By The Madison County Record | Jan 15, 2015

RyanStates Resources Corporation has filed a lawsuit against the man it alleges failed to repay it more than $30,000 after a judgment was rendered against him.States Resources filed a lawsuit Dec. 30, 2014, in Madison County Circuit Court against Kent A. Shockley.According to the complaint, a judge in St. Louis County Circuit Court rendered a judgment against defendant Shockley for $34,525.54, plus

Cunningham was Madison County's 'winningest' civil defense attorney at trial in '14

By The Madison County Record | Jan 16, 2015

CunninghamBelleville attorney John Cunningham was Madison County's winningest civil defense attorney in 2014.In a review of Law Division cases at trial last year, Cunningham won three cases in which the plaintiff had sought more than $50,000 in damages.Cunningham, a shareholder at Brown & James in Belleville, specializes in the areas of first-party insurance claims and tort law, including arson

Shifts in management roles made at Williams Venker & Sanders

By Heather Isringhausen Gvillo | Jan 16, 2015

VenkerFounding partner Paul Venker of Williams Venker & Sanders, LLC, was recently invited to serve as a member of the firm’s Executive Committee while simultaneously being elected as the new managing partner.The firm was established in 2001, and since its inception until 2009, Venker had served as the managing partner.From 2009 until the beginning of this year, partner Lucy Unger held the titl

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