News from November 2015

Retired Illinois Supreme Court Justice Fitzgerald passes away

By Staff Report | Nov 3, 2015

Justice Thomas R. Fitzgerald, who retired from the Illinois Supreme Court in 2010, passed away Sunday at his home following a battle with Parkinson's disease. He was 74.

American National Insurance sued over employee's alleged misrepresentation

By Hoang Tran | Nov 3, 2015

A Madison County woman is suing an insurance company and its rep over misrepresentation of work.

Disabled woman alleges retaliatory discharge

By Kasey Schefflin-Emrich | Nov 3, 2015

An Illinois woman has cited her former employer and immediate supervisor for engaging in unlawful employment practices.

Coming up short: What if Illinois’ pension funds miss their investment targets?

By Ted Dabrowski and John Klingner | Nov 3, 2015

Illinois has less than 50 cents of every dollar it needs to pay for teacher pensions.

Gleeson’s order granting stay in Sauget contamination class action upheld by Fifth District

By Heather Isringhausen Gvillo | Nov 3, 2015

The fifth district appellate court affirmed St. Clair County Circuit Judge Andrew Gleeson’s order granting another stay in a putative class action against Cerro Flow alleging contamination in Sauget.

Motorist sues body shop, insurance firm, two motorists

By Robbie Hargett | Nov 3, 2015

A motorist is suing two other motorists, a body shop and an insurance company, alleging negligence for injuries he sustained in two separate vehicle collisions.

Life insurers sue state Treasurer and contingency fee auditor over new rules imposed on unclaimed property

By Ann Maher | Nov 3, 2015

Life insurance companies are suing Illinois state Treasurer Michael Frerichs and private auditing company Verus Financial alleging that recent efforts to tap into policy proceeds under the Unclaimed Property Act are unconstitutional.

Stobbs rules MC asbestos court lacks personal jurisidction over Texan defendant; Murco's joint compound blend also did not contain asbestos

By The Madison County Record | Nov 4, 2015

Madison County Associate Judge Stephen Stobbs dismissed a Texas defendant from an asbestos suit on Oct. 20, for lack of jurisdiction. He entered an order in favor of Murco Wall Products six days after a hearing. “Defendant Murco maintains that they did not conduct business or make sales of products manufactured by Murco to the state of Illinois and the plaintiff offers insufficient evidence that it did,” Stobbs wrote.

Alton business sues Guarantee Company, Kroeschell Engineering over unpaid balance for asbestos removal project

By Robbie Hargett | Nov 4, 2015

An Alton company is suing an insurance firm and an engineering business, alleging an unpaid balance for goods and services provided.

Passenger alleges driver's negligence caused roll-over accident in Lebanon

By Kasey Schefflin-Emrich | Nov 4, 2015

A Madison County resident is suing a motorist, alleging negiligence for injuries she sustained in a car accident while riding as a passenger.

Supreme Court overturns reinstatement of Price v. Philip Morris, but leaves door slightly open for another Tillery appeal

By The Madison County Record | Nov 4, 2015

SPRINGFIELD – Fifth District appellate judges placed themselves above the Illinois Supreme Court when they reinstated a $10 billion Madison County judgment against cigarette maker Philip Morris, the Supreme Court ruled on Nov. 4.  The high court ruled 4-2 to overturn the Fifth District, but Justices did not shut down the 15 year old action. Instead, they invited a direct petition to recall a mandate they issued in favor of Philip Morris in 2006.

The purpose of the First Amendment

By John J. Hopkins | Nov 4, 2015

Demanding impartial reporting as opposed to cheerleading requires effort; it requires commitment; it requires dedication. In the final analysis, the document that begins “We the People,” must be enforced BY the people. It may be painful, but worth the struggle.

Wrongful death suit filed against Lenzburg man for allegedly shooting father of three

By Kari Valence | Nov 5, 2015

Family sues Lensburg man claiming he shot father of three with intent to kill.

Texas lawyer indicted over BP oil spill litigation had sought 'tens of millions' in '07 MC Vioxx trial

By Ann Maher | Nov 5, 2015

Texas attorney Mikal Watts, under indictment for fraud and identity theft in the BP oil spill litigation, may be hoping for "red and black" jurors if the case against him ends with trial rather than a plea in the Southern District of Mississippi.

Edwardsville couple's $1.53 million jury verdict involving sediment trespass will stand

By Ann Maher | Nov 5, 2015

The Illinois Supreme Court on Sept. 30 denied the defendants' petition for leave to appeal a Fifth District Appellate Court decision that upheld a verdict awarding Fred and Jaunita Steinkuehler $765,000 in compensatory damages against both defendants and $765,000 in punitive damages against Thiems.

More than 1,600 new lawyers take oath in Illinois; Uncertain job market awaits

By Hanna Nakano | Nov 5, 2015

“The fact of the matter is, the employment rate nationwide for the class of 2014 ten months after graduation was 86.7 percent,” Mike Ruiz, dean of career services at Southern Illinois University School of Law, told the Madison County Record.

Pohlman introduces new software for asbestos case filing

By Anna Aguillard | Nov 6, 2015

By the end of the year, court reporting and litigation services company PholmanUSA hopes that all Madison County asbestos cases will be able to be accessed through the company’s new webtool, MyDocFileServe.

East St. Louis City budget director calls for city to file bankruptcy, groups push for bankruptcy reform

By Anna Aguillard | Nov 6, 2015

East St. Louis budget director Egzabia Bennett has recently called on the city to file for bankruptcy, the third time in two years she had made such a recommendation.  

Woman claims automobile accident left her disabled and disfigured, sues for negligence

By Kari Valence | Nov 9, 2015

A woman is suing another motorists claiming her negligence cause an accident that left her disabled and disfigured.

Woman alleges motorist's negligence led to an O'Fallon auto accident

By Kari Valence | Nov 9, 2015

Woman sues another driver claiming her negligence caused an accident resulting in her injuries.

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