News from February 2015

Lumberyard Suppliers claims it is owed more than $100K

By The Madison County Record | Feb 16, 2015

Lumberyard Suppliers alleges it is still waiting for more than $100,000 after it supplied materials to a construction company.

Couple says insurance companies’ jury demand not applicable to insurance coverage for theft

By Heather Isringhausen Gvillo | Feb 17, 2015

A couple alleging they were denied insurance coverage after their rental property was burglarized while under construction seeks to strike the defendants’ jury demand, saying jurors can only serve as advisors in cases involving insurance coverage for theft.

The Land of Lincoln needs more lawyers like him

By The Madison County Record | Feb 18, 2015

“Never stir up litigation. A worse man can scarcely be found than one who does this. . . . A moral tone ought to be infused into the profession which should drive such men out of it.

Student sues Dad for costs of college in St. Clair Co.

By Ann Maher | Feb 18, 2015

A 22-year-old Missouri woman is suing her father for costs of attending college she claims he promised her.

Network Commercial Service sues Guaranty Title Co.

By The Madison County Record | Feb 19, 2015

A title company is being sued over claims it failed to pay a past due amount.

Highland couple sues driver for alleged injuries

By The Madison County Record | Feb 19, 2015

A Madison County couple are suing a driver for alleged recklessness in a February 2013 car accident.

Alton nail salon and owner blamed for customer's alleged staph infection

By The Madison County Record | Feb 19, 2015

A Jersey County woman filed suit against a nail spa and its owner after she allegedly contracted an infection following a pedicure in April 2013.

Former Lowe's employee alleges sexual harassment

By The Madison County Record | Feb 19, 2015

A woman has filed suit against a large home improvement retail company and manager for alleged sexual harassment that she claims took place between 2011 and 2014.

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