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Sen. Durbin's plan to put doctors on life support

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin knows on which side his bread is buttered. He knows that trial lawyers contribute more to election campaigns than any other professional group and that most of the moolah goes to Democratic candidates.

Farmer swapped prime producers with 'junk' cattle, suit claims

An alleged scheme involving cattle swapping netted a St. Clair County dairy farmer tens of thousands of dollars in profits, but will also force the farmer to defend himself in court, according to a recently filed complaint.

Doctor files for court costs in second trial of medical malpractice case

Carr The doctor who has won two medical malpractice suits over the alleged misdiagnosis of a woman's cancerous mole is asking the court to award him nearly $9,000 in court costs.

Trial date pushed off as parties in personal injury, dram shop suit talk settlement

Stack Parties to a combination personal injury and dram shop suit are in settlement talks and have pushed off today's trial date.

Visitor sues Alorton property owner after falling through floor

A St. Clair County woman has filed suit against the owner of an Alorton property where she claims she fell through the floor.

Engineer sues Union Pacific over injury-causing potholes

A man has filed suit against a railroad, claiming he sustained injuries while being transported on a gravel road full of numerous potholes.

Second attorney withdraws from woman's suit against Wal-Mart

A second attorney has bowed out of a suit brought by a pregnant woman who claims a Wal-Mart employee battered her, injuring her unborn child.

Plaintiff denied new trial, asks for taxable costs in dog chase injury case

A Granite City woman who claims her neighbor's dog chased her sister and caused a collision that injured her will not get to take her suit to a second jury.

Buckles appealing summary judgment moves in legal malpractice suit

Dripps A long-fought legal malpractice case that has entangled a number of high-profile Madison County attorneys is headed to the appellate court in Mount Vernon.

Route 159 accident is subject of suit

A St. Clair County woman has filed suit against the driver who she claims caused a collision when the driver attempted to turn left in front of traffic.

Wrongful death trial against Union Pacific gets under way with jury selection

Jury selection in a wrongful death case involving a Highland man killed by a train in Missouri got under way in Madison County on Monday.

Edwardsville attorney suing to prevent former partner from collecting on Big Sky settlement

Edwardsville attorney Glenn Bradford is suing his former law partner, asking the court to prevent him from collecting parts of a multi-million dollar class action settlement and other fees.

O'Fallon mobile home park sued over resident's trip in high grass

A woman has filed suit against the owners of a mobile home park where she claims she tripped in a hole.

Car owners claim they were deprived of its use after repossession

Two Fairview Heights men claim a repossession company deprived them of the use of their 2009 Pontiac after wrongly taking control of it.

Madison County asbestos jury docket: Sept. 20

Monday, September 20

Madison County asbestos motion docket: Sept. 20

Monday, September 20

Madison County civil docket: Sept. 20-24

Monday, Sept. 20

Tillery files for hearing on motion to compel in atrazine class action

Tillery Another discovery dispute has arisen in one of a series of proposed class action suits against the maker of the herbicide atrazine.

Jury hears opening statements in truck-train wrongful death case

Byron A combined wrongful death suit and personal injury suit against Union Pacific Railroad Company began in earnest Tuesday as jurors heard opening statements and the beginning of the plaintiffs' case.

Motorcyclist sues over Old Poag Road injuries

A motorcyclist has filed suit against the driver who he claims gave him no warning before striking him.