News from March 2008

Four-year-old's brush with treadmill leads to suit against babysitter

By Steve Gonzalez | Mar 18, 2008

Four-year-old Connor Neal sustained severe injuries on his babysitter's treadmill last year, and now the boy's mother claims he has been "hindered and prevented" from attending to his "usual duties and affairs."

Breach of contract suit seeks $126k

By Steve Gonzalez | Mar 19, 2008

Jerry Todd filed suit against J3CT, Inc. and Jason Stewart in Madison County Circuit Court March 10, alleging the defendants breached contract for not paying weekly installments.

Flight down stairs lands hospital in personal injury suit

By Steve Gonzalez | Mar 19, 2008

A woman who tripped down a flight of stairs at Gateway Regional Medical Center filed a personal injury suit against the Granite City hospital alleging the hospital breached its duty to exercise ordinary care.

Long-time CSX engineer files complaint in St. Clair County

By Ann Knef | Mar 19, 2008

A 39-year veteran locomotive engineer with CSX Transportation has filed suit in St. Clair County Circuit Court claiming his employer failed to provide him a safe place to work.

Dog in restaurant causes patron's thumb and elbow injury, suit claims

By Steve Gonzalez | Mar 19, 2008

Sheila Sydnor of Collinsville filed suit against Bourbon Street Bar & Grill in Granite City and John Robbers alleging a dog on the property knocked her to the ground causing serious injuries.

Pontoon Beach man sues hospital over wife's death

By Steve Gonzalez | Mar 19, 2008

A Pontoon Beach man filed a 15-count wrongful death suit against Gateway Regional Medical Center in Madison County Circuit Court alleging his wife died due to a tracheal-bronchial laceration and anoxic brain injury.

Client facing mortgage collection claims she never closed

By Steve Gonzalez | Mar 19, 2008

Tammy Prestito filed suit against GMAC Mortgage alleging it is wrongfully attempting to collect on her mortgage even though she has never had a mortgage with GMAC.

Judge Matoesian: Mold claim stops here!

By Steve Korris | Mar 20, 2008

Madison County Circuit Judge Andy Matoesian won't allow attorney Lanny Darr of Godfrey to reopen a suit over mold in the Bissell Apartments of Venice.

Pizza Hut of America says Verett is to blame for shoulder injury

By Steve Korris | Mar 20, 2008

Pizza Hut of America has asked Madison County Circuit Judge Nicholas Byron to dismiss attorney Amanda Verett's claim that she suffered an injury while walking out the door at the Pizza Hut in Troy.

Mortgage class settlement: $10 per member, $250k for seven lawyers

By Steve Korris | Mar 20, 2008

Byron Brad Lakin and six other attorneys have settled a nationwide class action against mortgage firm Accredited Home Lenders for $10 per borrower.

Replacements for dead plaintiff don't belong to class, American Family says

By Steve Korris | Mar 20, 2008

Stack Chiropractors seeking to replace a dead plaintiff in a class action against American Family Mutual Insurance don't belong to the class, according to the insurer.

Appellate court notes bold face, capital letters in DirecTV's agreement

By Ann Knef | Mar 20, 2008

Fifth Appellate Court justices have reversed St. Clair County Circuit Court Judge Robert LeChien in an eight-year-old DirecTV class action case that has been appealed twice since the late fee dispute was filed in 2000.

Cahokia school district sued for student's injury playing basketball

By Ann Knef | Mar 20, 2008

Cahokia Unit School District 187 is being sued by a mother whose son cut his arm playing basektball last year at the Wirth Parks Middle School.

East St. Louis cop, city sued by man claiming he was unlawfully beaten

By Ann Knef | Mar 20, 2008

Carlos Roberson filed a complaint against East St. Louis police officer Keith Randolph and the city of East St. Louis claiming he was beaten and jailed on false charges.

Collision with Canadian driver leads to suit in Madison County

By Steve Gonzalez | Mar 20, 2008

A Trenton woman who was involved in a collision with a Canadian truck driver filed suit in Madison County Circuit Court March 17, alleging the collision made her sick, sore, lame, disordered and disabled.

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