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Inmate's 'proof' rejected in colitis med mal complaint

By Steve Gonzalez | Jan 18, 2007

Carl Gallo (IL DOC) An inmate serving 75 years for a 1989 Chicago murder filed a medical malpractice suit in federal court claiming doctors at the Menard Correctional Center prescribed him an over the counter medication instead of a more expensive prescription medication and also required him to take the medicine on an empty stomach.

Wendler pleads to keep Cassens in Madison County, despite judge's dismissal

By Steve Korris | Jan 18, 2007

According to attorney Brian Wendler, contracts between Cassens Transport Company of Edwardsville and Nissan North America prove that a truck driver's lawsuit against Cassens, Nissan and others belongs in Madison County.

Young's lawyer wants evidence preserved

By Ann Knef | Jan 18, 2007

Clyde Kuehn St. Clair County Circuit Court Judge Patrick Young's lawyer wants evidence collected at the scene of his client's Dec. 3 DUI arrest preserved.

Collinsville doc on trial for misdiagnosing mole

By Steve Gonzalez | Jan 18, 2007

Rex Carr A medical malpractice trial involving a wife and mother who died of malignant melanoma is under way in Madison County Circuit Judge Barbara Crowder's court.

Driscoll appeals Mendelsohn's injunction

By Steve Gonzalez | Jan 18, 2007

St. Louis attorney John Driscoll is asking the Fifth District Appellate Court to reverse a Madison County judge's decision that cuts him out of a class action pie.

Just ask Gonzo: TV injury case against Wal-Mart settles

By Steve Gonzalez | Jan 18, 2007

Question: I've been following civil lawsuits against Wal-Mart for years and ran across your article during an Internet search about a woman who wants $500,000 for a television that was dropped on her, do you know the status of that case?

All opinions should be online, lawyer argues

By Ann Knef | Jan 18, 2007

Tucked away in the vaults of Illinois' five appellate courts, most decisions arrived at by justices barely see the light of day. Illinois Supreme Court "Rule 23" maintains that non-precedential rulings, the vast majority of those delivered, need only be distributed to litigants and the trial court.

ARDC Administrator Robinson announces retirement

By Ann Knef | Jan 19, 2007

Mary Robinson Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission Administrator Mary T. Robinson announced her resignation effective March 16.

The Paxil Pigpen

By The Madison County Record | Jan 21, 2007

Is any of this going to make our children safer?

Maryville Subway customer sustains violent viral reaction

By Steve Gonzalez | Jan 22, 2007

Maryville Subway A woman who got sick after eating at the Maryville Subway filed a personal injury suit against the restaurant in Madison County Circuit Court Jan. 19, seeking damages in excess of $100,000.

Father claims Alton school failed to protect daughter from attack

By Steve Gonzalez | Jan 22, 2007

An Alton man claims the dean of students at Alton Community Unit School District 11 ignored his warning of physical threats being made against his daughter.

School lunch not fit for human consumption, suit claims

By Ann Knef | Jan 22, 2007

A Cahokia School District 187 employee claims he damaged his teeth as well as the bones, muscles and tissues of his jaw and face after biting into a polish sausage he was served at a school cafeteria last year.

Motomart blamed for customer's oily trip

By Ann Knef | Jan 22, 2007

A customer of Motomart is suing the service station for slipping, tripping and falling on oil, gasoline or another slippery substance "through no fault of her own

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