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A law that inspires victims

By The Madison County Record | Jan 14, 2007

Politics is often a tale of unintended consequences.

Virtual rock climber takes The Edge to court

By Ann Knef | Jan 15, 2007

April Kassebaum of Columbia claims severe and permanent injuries to her left leg, knee and foot after falling from a motorized rock-climbing simulator at The Edge in Belleville in March 2006.

Caseyville and cop sued for beating

By Ann Knef | Jan 16, 2007

The Village of Caseyville and one of its police officers are being sued by a man who claims he was beaten after being pulled over in his vehicle on Jan. 1.

Laidlaw sued in St. Clair County for Missouri accident

By Ann Knef | Jan 16, 2007

Laidlaw Transit Inc. is being sued in St. Clair County Circuit Court by a plaintiff whose vehicle was rear-ended by a bus near Eureka High School in Eureka, Mo. in April 2005.

Marissa man sues railroad for deaths of wife and daughter

By Ann Knef | Jan 16, 2007

Michael Porter of Marissa is suing Illinois Central Railroad and Union Pacific Railroad over the deaths of his wife and daughter who were killed at a gateless crossing in Marissa on Nov. 20, 2006.

Belleville, sanitation driver sued for injuries

By Ann Knef | Jan 16, 2007

A man claiming rib, back, lung and right upper extremity injuries is suing the city of Belleville and a sanitation truck driver for knocking him to the ground.

Apartment tenant claims broken handrail caused injuries

By Ann Knef | Jan 16, 2007

4719 W. Main in Belleville Apartment tenant Fabriciano Ledo claims a broken handrail caused him to trip while walking up the only set of stairs at his Belleville dwelling.

St. Louis Bread Co. customer leaves bruised and contused

By Ann Knef | Jan 16, 2007

St. Louis Bread Co. in Belleville Injured St. Louis Bread Co. customer Antoinette Blanton claims the restaurant allowed the placement of an improperly placed welcome mat in an area provided for invitees' ingress and egress, according to a personal injury suit filed in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

District 189 and contractors blamed for lost wages

By Ann Knef | Jan 16, 2007

A Swansea woman who claims she was fired from East St. Louis District 189 in retaliation for filing two workers' comp claims in 2005, filed separate lawsuits against the school district and maintenance contractors in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

Under pressure, attorneys shop for judges in MDL hearings

By Steve Korris | Jan 17, 2007

U.S. District Judge Frederick Motz of Maryland ST. LOUIS -- Shopping for a judge takes nerve, especially when an attorney only gets four or five minutes to do it.

MDL lawyers angle for airports and justice

By Steve Korris | Jan 17, 2007

San Antonio: Easy in, easy out Attorneys don't always argue over judges at sessions of the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation.

Wheels of justice travel slowly to MDL central

By Steve Korris | Jan 17, 2007

Texarkana federal courthouse Six weeks after attorneys in federal suits from seven districts agreed to centralize their suits at Texarkana, Texas, clerks at the Texarkana courthouse knew nothing of it.

Alabama victim is newest plaintiff for SimmonsCooper

By Steve Gonzalez | Jan 17, 2007

An Alabama man who suffers from mesothelioma filed suit against 91 defendants in Madison County Circuit Court Jan. 12, alleging he was exposed to airborne asbestos fibers from his father's clothing.

Retired ortho surgeon hit with another med mal complaint

By Steve Gonzalez | Jan 17, 2007

Belleville Memorial Hospital Paul Neumann of Edwardsville filed a medical malpractice suit against a retired doctor and Belleville Memorial Hospital in Madison County Circuit Court on Jan. 10, seeking damages in excess of $150,000.

CyberSource waiting for Stack's summary judgment ruling

By Steve Korris | Jan 18, 2007

Stack In Madison County's smallest class action suit, Circuit Judge Daniel Stack must decide whether computer engineer Brian Wilgus tried to exercise stock options on his job.

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