News from October 2007

22-ounce beer bottle injury and gun shot wound to the leg prompts cashier to sue

By Steve Gonzalez | Oct 25, 2007

A cashier at the N&S Market in Granite City filed a personal injury suit against his employer in Madison County Circuit Court Oct. 19, alleging he sustained injuries when a patron assaulted him.

Tom Lakin deposition deadline set Nov. 6 in legal malpractice claim

By Steve Korris | Oct 26, 2007

Lakin Lakin Law Firm founder Tom Lakin faces criminal trial in federal court at East St. Louis on morals charges in January, but nobody knows where to find him.

Attorneys politely tell Stack that a fight is about to break out

By Steve Korris | Oct 26, 2007

Polite attorneys in a class action against Illinois Bell have advised Madison County Circuit Judge Daniel Stack that they will soon start a fight.

Appellate court candidate's son files national class action against AT&T, Cingular

By Ann Knef | Oct 26, 2007

David Cates An attorney whose Illinois law career is not quite one-year-old has filed a nationwide class action lawsuit against AT&T Wireless and Cingular Wireless claiming the cellular providers fraudulently induced customers post merger into buying new phones.

Different name, same scary agenda

By Travis Akin | Oct 28, 2007

Travis Akin Each Halloween, Hollywood tries to find new and innovative ways to scare people. Whether it is the reincarnation of an old villain or the creation of a new one, scary movies have become a staple of the Halloween season.

All in the family

By The Madison County Record | Oct 28, 2007

How much suffering did Marilyn Margulis endure after an unwanted message was left on her home answering machine?

Bus driver named in civil sexual assault complaint

By Ann Knef | Oct 29, 2007

James Steele, Sr. has refiled a civil complaint against Southwestern Illinois College, its bus driver Lorenzo Perez and Challenge Unlimited, Inc. alleging Perez sexually battered and assaulted his mentally challenged daughter.

Fire loss prompts insurer to sue furnace manufacturer

By Ann Knef | Oct 29, 2007

The insurance carrier for Roesch Inc. in Belleville has filed a civil complaint against KMI Systems, Inc. in St. Clair County Circuit Court claiming a faulty furnace led to a fire which destroyed and damaged Roesch's inventory and building.

Woman sues captors and bar for injuries sustained during escape

By Ann Knef | Oct 29, 2007

An Oklahoma woman who says she was profoundly intoxicated when struck by a motorist is suing an O'Fallon bar and a couple she claims may have spiked her drinks in an attempt to lure her away for sexual exploitation.

AmEx sues in Madison County for unpaid balance

By Steve Gonzalez | Oct 29, 2007

American Express filed suit against Sandra Lee Guenther in Madison County Circuit Court Oct. 24, claiming the Glen Carbon resident breached her contract with them when she failed to make payments on her credit card account.

Bite victim was warned about dog's behavior, defendant says

By Steve Gonzalez | Oct 29, 2007

A woman who filed suit over a dog bite had been warned of the dog's behavior before she decided to pet the dog, claims the defendant in a Madison County personal injury case.

Florida mesothelioma victim files claim in Madison County

By Steve Gonzalez | Oct 29, 2007

A Florida man diagnosed with mesothelioma filed suit approximately 800 miles away from home in Madison County Circuit Court Oct. 25, claiming 63 defendant corporations are responsible for his illness.

Benzene exposure blamed in worker's Madison County suit

By Steve Gonzalez | Oct 30, 2007

The estate of Rusty Burns filed suit against 19 defendant corporations in Madison County Circuit Court claiming benzene exposure.

Motorcyclists seek $100k for injuries after accident

By Steve Gonzalez | Oct 30, 2007

A couple injured while riding their motorcycle filed a personal injury suit against the driver of a vehicle that collided with them on Illinois Route 100 in Jersey County on July 29.

'Rotary Citrus Days' in the city of Edwardsville

By The Madison County Record | Oct 31, 2007

The Edwardsville Rotary Club's Annual Citrus Sale is going on now through Nov. 14.

Two strikes, no airbags, no insurance: Malibu driver sues GM, State Farm, Allstar Motors

By Ann Knef | Oct 31, 2007

An East St. Louis woman is seeking in excess of $300,000 for injuries and damages she suffered after hitting a deer two times while traveling southbound on Interstate 255/270 two years ago.

Railroader claims UP failed to provide ergonomically safe equipment

By Ann Knef | Oct 31, 2007

Larry R. Biggs has filed a Federal Employers' Liability Act suit against Union Pacific Railroad claiming he developed bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome and left ulnar nerve entrapment due to his employer's alleged negligence.

Alton sued by firefighters' pension for underfunding by $31 million

By Ann Knef | Oct 31, 2007

Trustees for the Alton Firefighters Pension Fund (AFPF) are suing the city of Alton claiming the fund is underfunded by more than $31 million.

Law student with dyslexia and low 'grape' point average sues SIU for $1.5 million

By Ann Knef | Oct 31, 2007

A white female law student whose first year grades precluded a second year invitation, claims Southern Illinois University School of Law discriminated against her because she suffers from "Attention Span Deficit Disorder."

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