News from October 2007

Worker injures after slipping on plastic pellets, suit claims

By Ann Knef | Oct 15, 2007

Ronald K. Riley of Salem claims he suffered extensive injuries after slipping on plastic pellets on a Centralia loading dock on Aug. 8, 2005, according to a suit filed Oct. 9 in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

FELA suit blames awkward equipment for trackman's injuries

By Ann Knef | Oct 15, 2007

CSX Transportation, Inc. has been sued an employee who claims he was required to work with unsafe, heavy, awkward, vibrating and torquing equipment.

Witnesses provide different accounts in Rosewood Care Center trial

By Ann Knef | Oct 16, 2007

Witnesses contradicted one another Monday in the third day of a wrongful death trial against Rosewood Care Center of Edwardsville.

Corporate lawsuits fall as economy rises: legal survey

By Rob Luke | Oct 16, 2007

NEW YORK -- American companies are dealing with fewer lawsuits overall but rising numbers in different sectors, according to international corporate law firm Fulbright & Jaworski.

Wal-Mart named in coffee creamer lawsuit

By Ann Knef | Oct 16, 2007

Unreasonably dangerous coffee creamer is the subject of a six-count products liability claim filed against Wal-Mart Stores Inc. in Madison County Circuit Court Oct. 15.

Plaintiff rests in case against Rosewood

By Ann Knef | Oct 17, 2007

Rosewood Care Center's nursing director Sherry Oettle and facility administrator Sara Arbogast testified Tuesday as plaintiff's attorney Craig Jensen rested his case before a Madison County jury.

Property owner sues water company for not shutting off service

By Ann Knef | Oct 17, 2007

507 Missouri Ave. in East St. Louis An East St. Louis woman whose property sustained extensive flooding is suing American Water Works Service Co. for failing to shut off service as requested.

Seaman injured while making bunk bed sues for $150k

By Ann Knef | Oct 17, 2007

A crew member for Illinois Marine Towing, Inc. is seeking in excess of $150,000 for injuries he sustained while maintaining his bed aboard a vessel.

Jury rules for dentist in malpractice case filed by Mt. Vernon plaintiff

By Ann Knef | Oct 17, 2007

A jury in St. Clair County Circuit Court returned a verdict on Feb. 29, 2012 in favor of Dr. Sarah M. Thompson, who had been sued by Regina Hamilton of Mt. Vernon in 2007.

Jurors begin deliberating in Rosewood wrongful death case

By Ann Knef | Oct 17, 2007

Madison County jurors began deliberating late Wednesday afternoon whether they should compensate the family of Rosewood Care Center resident Margaret Schwab $1 million in compensatory damages.

Burke holds 2-0 advantage in Lakin shove match over class representation

By Steve Korris | Oct 18, 2007

Burke Though Brad Lakin and former Lakin lawyer Richard Burke pledged to pursue a class action against Hartford Insurance together like old pals, a class action against American Family Insurance has wrecked the truce.

Maag argues Cassens holding company bears liability for truckers' injuries

By Steve Korris | Oct 18, 2007

Aiming to pierce a family veil, attorney Tom Maag alleges for the first time that holding company Cassens Corporation harms its car hauling company, Cassens Transport.

Ford hit with federal class action alleging faulty switches on F-150 XLTs

By Steve Gonzalez | Oct 18, 2007

Gary Medrano of Woodbridge, Va. filed a 10-count class action complaint against Ford Motor Company in United States District Court Oct. 15, alleging his 2000 Ford F-150 XLT caught fire because of a faulty cruise control switch.

Christian Hospital, Rosewood named in negligence suit

By Ann Knef | Oct 18, 2007

The estate of Edith M. Vieth has filed suit against Christian Hospital Northeast-Northwest and Rosewood Care Center of Edwarsville claiming they failed to properly treat her pressure sores.

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