News from November 2007

Arizona plaintiff claims mesothelioma in Madison County suit

By Steve Gonzalez | Nov 19, 2007

An Arizona man suffering from mesothelioma filed suit against 67 defendant corporations alleging their negligence led to his contraction of the fatal disease.

Edward Jones Dome blamed for 'bunched up' carpet in personal injury suit

By Steve Gonzalez | Nov 20, 2007

Edward Jones Dome A woman who was injured at the Edward Jones Dome when she fell on carpet that was "bunched up" filed a personal injury suit in Madison County Circuit Court Nov. 13.

Aromatic amines exposure claimed in suit against major oil cos., others

By Ann Knef | Nov 20, 2007

A Kentucky barge worker diagnosed with bladder cancer filed suit in Madison County Circuit Court claiming he was exposed to aromatic amines and aromatic amine-containing products over the course of a 30-plus year career.

Hand-in-elevator-door case set for trial Dec. 3

By Steve Gonzalez | Nov 20, 2007

Madison County Circuit Judge David Hylla is set to preside over a trial against Kone Elevator and Saint Anthony's Hospital set for Dec. 3.

Metropolis radio station sued for copyright infringement

By Ann Knef | Nov 20, 2007

Lionel Richie wrote "All Night Long (All Night)" Sun Media, Inc. and its general manager Samuel K. Stratemeyer, which operate WRIK-FM radio station in Metropolis, Ill. may be in trouble over Somebody's Baby.

Superseding indictment increases charges against Lakin

By Steve Gonzalez | Nov 20, 2007

Tom Lakin A federal grand jury returned a second superseding indictment against Tom Lakin, raising the total number of charges against Lakin from eight to 18.

Gabby's and Eddie's on Nameoki named in Dram Shop suit

By Steve Gonzalez | Nov 20, 2007

A man who was attacked by two men who were intoxicated filed a dram shop complaint against two Granite City taverns claiming they sold alcohol to the offenders.

Car crash on Nameoki subject of suit

By Steve Gonzalez | Nov 20, 2007

A man who suffered serious and permanent injuries in a car crash seven years ago filed a personal injury suit against the driver of the vehicle that collided with him.

Tillery stands to collect $17 million settlement fee from Sears via Byron

By Steve Korris | Nov 20, 2007

In a few weeks attorney Stephen Tillery of St. Louis will win a $17 million class action settlement fee from Madison County Circuit Judge Nicholas Byron.

District 189 administrators sue for breach of contract

By Ann Knef | Nov 21, 2007

East St. Louis School District 189 administrators Sheryl Coleman and Luberta Allen filed suit in St. Clair County Circuit Court claiming they were reassigned from principal positions in violation of state law.

Ph.D. who loses job over dissertation dispute sues for $1 million

By Ann Knef | Nov 21, 2007

A Missouri woman who completed her Ph.D. at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale in 1999 is suing university administrators and a professor for more than $1 million for failing to post her degree.

Plaintiff who lost Madison County's only Vioxx trial wants piece of settlement pie

By Steve Gonzalez | Nov 21, 2007

Judge Stack Madison County Circuit Judge Daniel Stack may never get to decide whether Frank Schwaller will receive a new trial over his wife's death.

Tillery class action against mutual funds accuses investors of doing good job

By Steve Korris | Nov 21, 2007

Attorney Stephen Tillery of St. Louis, down to his last argument in Madison County class action claims against mutual funds, accuses them of doing a good and honest job.

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