News from November 2007

Former Quincy priest named in sexual abuse complaint

By Steve Gonzalez | Nov 14, 2007

A man currently serving time for a sexual abuse conviction claims he was abused by a Catholic priest, according to a civil rights suit filed in Madison County on Nov. 8.

Dram Shop suit filed against Fischer's, West Park Bowl

By Ann Knef | Nov 14, 2007

Fischer's Fischer's Restaurant in Belleville and West Park Bowl in Columbia are being sued by a passenger in a vehicle that "violently crashed" on North Belt West in Belleville on Jan. 16.

Motorcyclist sues driver and Illinois Excavators over unsecured barricade

By Ann Knef | Nov 14, 2007

A motorcyclist is suing Illinois Excavators for failing to secure barrel barricades on a road construction site in Freeburg.

Insurer goes after AmerenUE and electrical contractor for fire damages

By Ann Knef | Nov 14, 2007

8701 Village Place in East St. Louis AmerenUE and an electrical subcontractor responsible for reconnecting an East St. Louis resident's downed power lines after a destructive ice storm last winter are being sued by Illinois Farmers Insurance Co.

Chiropractor ordered to cough up billing records in class action against Safeco

By Steve Korris | Nov 15, 2007

Judge Crowder If chiropractor Frank Bemis intends to pursue a class action against Safeco Insurance for paying him less than he charged for treating accident victims, he must explain how he sets his prices.

Class action against Allstate claims different rates charged for similar risks

By Steve Gonzalez | Nov 15, 2007

Four southern Illinois Allstate insurance policy holders filed a federal class action complaint alleging the insurer charges different rates to individuals with similar insurance risk in violation of state law.

Holiday Shores cases against chemical makers await ruling

By Ann Knef | Nov 15, 2007

Judge Stack After two years under advisement in Madison County Circuit Judge Daniel Stack's court, six class action lawsuits against major chemical manufacturers await action.

SimmonsCooper sinks teeth into Apple claiming iChat patent infringement

By Ann Knef | Nov 16, 2007

Paul Lesko A local law firm that amassed a fortune in Madison County asbestos litigation is now courting intellectual property claimants.

Stack amenable to tossing non-resident asbestos cases

By Steve Gonzalez | Nov 16, 2007

Judge Stack Madison County Circuit Judge Daniel Stack reminded a group of asbestos lawyers that he's not opposed to dismissing cases with little or no tie to the county.

E-Crane caused Beelman worker's injuries, suit says

By Steve Gonzalez | Nov 16, 2007

A Caseyville man who was permanently injured when he was struck by an E-Crane filed suit against Beelman Truck Company, Frank Beelman, Fabick and Company and E-Crane International in Madison County Circuit Court.

Maag pleads not guilty, requests speedy trial in solicitation case

By Steve Gonzalez | Nov 16, 2007

Thomas Maag An attorney representing Thomas Maag in his criminal case for soliciting a prostitute filed a motion asking for a speedy trial.

Judge in Orbitz case blasts defendants' motion to depose Fairview Heights aldermen

By Steve Korris | Nov 16, 2007

Richard Burke Conveniently forget on U.S. Magistrate Judge Donald Wilkerson's watch, and he's one to forgive.

Judge Larsen: 'We may not refuse to follow' the law

By Ann Knef | Nov 16, 2007

When Cook County Circuit Judge Diane Joan Larsen declared a state law establishing caps on damages in medical malpractice cases unconstitutional, her much anticipated ruling prompted an outpouring of criticism as well as praise.

Judge Larsen: Courage Under Fire

By John J. Hopkins | Nov 17, 2007

The winds of fearful political consequences notwithstanding,in an act of true courage, Cook County Judge Diane Larsen struck down the damage caps, finding they violate both the separation of powers provision as an impermissible infringement on the judicial process, as well as seeing the law for what is always was, an unabashed attempt to give even more special indemnities under the law to an already overly privileged class.

More doctors or more lawyers?

By The Madison County Record | Nov 18, 2007

In the end, it's not about our civil rights or access to our courts. Illinois' running debate over the size of "pain and suffering" awards in medical malpractice lawsuits is about priorities.

Staunton bank seeks $711k in unpaid loans

By Steve Gonzalez | Nov 19, 2007

First National Bank in Staunton filed suit against O'Bryan Consulting and Glen and Cecelia O'Bryan alleging they failed to re-pay two promissory notes.

Woman sues District 189 for sidewalk mishap

By Ann Knef | Nov 19, 2007

A woman attending a conference at East St. Louis School District 189 claims she fell in an unguarded opening in the sidewalk's concrete.

Mascoutah home owners sue city for sewer backup

By Ann Knef | Nov 19, 2007

A Mascoutah couple claims the city's failure to maintain its sewage system and lift station caused raw sewage to back up into their basement on four separate occasions within six months.

Peel sentenced to 12 years in prison

By Steve Gonzalez | Nov 19, 2007

Peel leaves the federal courthouse following his conviction in March. Attorney Gary Peel was sentenced to 12 years in prison by U.S. District Court Judge William Stiehl Monday afternoon.

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