News from November 2007

Madison County asbestos trial ends abruptly with settlement

By Steve Gonzalez | Nov 8, 2007

Jeff Hebrank Madison County's third asbestos trial in 45 days abruptly settled after a jury was empaneled to hear plaintiff Gilbert Carrizales' suit.

'Wite Out' not used in Lakin federal court docs

By Ann Knef | Nov 9, 2007

919 Hibiscus in Key West, Fla. "Wite Out" may have been used to conceal Tom Lakin's address on a document associated with a Madison County legal malpractice lawsuit. But a hand-written entry of 919 Hibiscus, Key West (Fla.) is visible on the same document originally filed in federal court.

Unsolicited fax class wants $55 million in MC certification motion

By Steve Gonzalez | Nov 9, 2007

A company accused of sending an unsolicited fax to a Wood River electric company removed a class action case from Madison County because damages sought are about $50 million more than a state court should allow.

Court considers Cueto's request for 'six figures' in letter to editor suit

By Ann Knef | Nov 9, 2007

St. Clair County Associate Judge Brian Babka took under advisement plaintiff Amiel Cueto's motion for summary judgment in a suit he brought against Thomas Muskopf.

Another local government may join call for legal reform

By Ed Murnane | Nov 11, 2007

We reported just a month ago that the movement for civil justice reform in Illinois has been actively and aggressively supported by local governments, including municipalities, park districts, school districts, public transportation providers and others.

Rep. Jay Hoffman (D-Jay Hoffman)

By The Madison County Record | Nov 11, 2007

Judged by the company he insists on keeping, the road ahead for State Rep. Jay Hoffman (D-Collinsville) would seem a bumpy one.

Ortho Evra maker and pharmacies sued by nine in St. Clair County

By Ann Knef | Nov 12, 2007

Users of the birth control patch Ortho Evra filed suit against its manufacturer and several pharmacies in St. Clair County Circuit Court Nov. 1 claiming the product caused them to suffer from pulmonary emboli, venous thromboembolism and other severe injuries.

Wyoming farmer files asbestos suit in Madison County

By Steve Gonzalez | Nov 13, 2007

A Wyoming man diagnosed with mesothelioma filed suit in Madison County Circuit Court Nov. 2, claiming 98 defendant corporations are responsible for his illness.

Chicago judge says caps on damages is unconstitutional

By Ann Knef | Nov 13, 2007

Murnane CHICAGO -- Cook County Circuit Judge Diane Joan Larsen ruled that a law enacted in 2005 by the Illinois legislature violates victims' rights by capping damages.

Untreated staph infection subject of Madison County med mal suit

By Steve Gonzalez | Nov 13, 2007

The estate of Jeffrey Monroe filed a wrongful death suit against Alton Memorial Hospital, Christopher Cruz, M.D. and John Wuellner, M.D. in Madison County Circuit Court Nov. 6, alleging the defendants failed to treat him for a staph infection which led to his death.

Colon cancer claimed in med mal suit

By Ann Knef | Nov 13, 2007

Patricia J. McBride filed suit against Belleville Family Medical Associates and John J. Boeren, III, M.D. claiming a tumor in her color metastasized due to medical negligence.

Big Daddy's customer says he was assaulted

By Ann Knef | Nov 13, 2007

Big Daddy's A customer of Big Daddy's Restaurant in Belleville claims he suffered injuries to his face and head when he was assaulted on the premises May 6.

Peel's sentencing hearing re-set for Nov. 19

By Steve Gonzalez | Nov 13, 2007

Gary Peel United States District Judge William Stiehl has set Gary Peel's sentencing for Nov. 19. It is the fifth time a hearing date has been scheduled.

Dangerous sidewalk blamed in personal injury complaint

By Steve Gonzalez | Nov 14, 2007

A Granite City woman who fell outside her home filed a personal injury suit in Madison County Circuit Nov. 5, alleging her sidewalk is dangerous.

Wrongful termination suit filed against Edwardsville business

By Steve Gonzalez | Nov 14, 2007

Frank Chandler filed a wrongful discharge complaint against YRC Logistics of Edwardsville alleging he was fired because his employer assumed he would file a claim for workers' compensation benefits.

Cap and mitten drive held at First Bank

By The Madison County Record | Nov 14, 2007

First Bank in Edwardsville, next to Burger King, will be holding a cap and mitten drive from Nov. 23 to Dec. 15.

Belleville land owners claim their property was sold by concrete company

By Ann Knef | Nov 14, 2007

Property owners Adeline A. Fournie, James Fournie and Joseph Fournie claim Belleville Concrete Contracting Co. sold approximately five acres of land they own in Belleville to another business.

Former inmate seeks $1 million for bad experience in prison

By Steve Gonzalez | Nov 14, 2007

A former inmate at the Menard Correctional Center in Chester filed a federal suit in East St. Louis on Nov. 13, against two correctional officers and the warden alleging he was subjected to cruel and unusual punishment during his time in prison.

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