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Fairview Heights cop and city sued for high speed chase

By Steve Gonzalez | Dec 21, 2005

A man injured during a high speed police chase filed a personal injury suit against the City of Fairview Heights, the officer pursuing a fleeing vehicle and the man being chased.

Court upholds Elam's $1 million weld rod award

By Steve Gonzalez | Dec 21, 2005

The 5th Appellate Court has upheld a $1 million Madison County jury verdict in favor of a Collinsville man's claim that manganese in welding rods caused his Parkinson's Disease.

Top 10 stories in 2005: High court drama, local politics rule

By Ann Knef | Dec 22, 2005

Justice Mary Ann McMorrow From start to finish, the year 2005 has been packed with dramatic events. The Record's editorial board has selected the following as the 10 most compelling stories of 2005:

The Record's top online polls

By Steve Gonzalez | Dec 23, 2005

Each week the Record seeks input from its online readers on a variety of issues. Here are the 2005 polls that received the most attention and the results.

2005: Top reads at Record online

By Steve Gonzalez | Dec 23, 2005

The following were the most well-read reports on the Record's website ( or in 2005:

Belleville woman files wrongful death suit

By Steve Gonzalez | Dec 24, 2005

Marjorie Roustio filed a wrongful death suit on behalf of her late husband, Roger, against James Wade, M.D., Terence Wade, M.D., Aaron Greenspan, M.D. and Belleville Memorial Hospital in St. Clair County Circuit Court Dec. 9.

Record's Man of the Year

By The Madison County Record | Dec 24, 2005

Circuit Judge Daniel Stack Since taking over Madison County's asbestos docket a little more than a year ago, Circuit Judge Daniel Stack has made good progress in changing the culture of courtroom extortion that made it famous.

Most Quotable Person of the Year

By The Madison County Record | Dec 24, 2005

Thomas Maag Thomas Maag, of the Lakin Law Firm in Wood River, earns the Record's honor as the most quotable newsmaker of the year. Some examples:

No shame

By The Madison County Record | Dec 25, 2005

Serving since 1977, George Moran, Jr. isn't running for judge next year, and it has nothing to do with Spanish classes or skinny-dipping.

Loan originator files two class actions in federal court

By Steve Gonzalez | Dec 27, 2005

Derrick Perry filed two class action cases against his former employers in federal court Dec. 19, alleging they failed to pay him overtime in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) of 1938.

Unpaid fire damage suit against State Farm in court

By Steve Gonzalez | Dec 27, 2005

All pending motions will be heard at 9 a.m. on Jan. 6 in a suit against State Farm Insurance Company over allegations of an unpaid fire damage claim.

Med-mal case against Alton doctor in court on motion to dismiss

By Steve Gonzalez | Dec 27, 2005

A medical malpractice case filed by Joseph Lamere against Alton Memorial Hospital physician Charles Sammis, M.D. will be in court Jan. 6, on a motion to dismiss.

Floor buffer suit in court Jan. 6

By Steve Gonzalez | Dec 27, 2005

Mildred Parker's suit against Casey's General Store in Alton alleging that an employee ran over her daughter's left foot with a floor buffer will be in court Jan. 6 for all pending motions.

Gateway seeks to dismiss class action complaint

By Steve Gonzalez | Dec 27, 2005

A class action complaint alleging Gateway Regional Medical Center in Granite City inflated charges for uninsured patients will be heard on the hospital's motion to dismiss on Jan. 5.

Legal malpractice trial continued

By Steve Gonzalez | Dec 27, 2005

A legal malpractice trial against the Belleville law firm Gundlach, Lee, Eggmann, Boyle & Roessler, set to begin Dec. 5, has been continued.

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