News from June 2005

Caps are good start, but personal injury lawyers are still trolling

By David Knowles | Jun 5, 2005

The Illinois General Assembly’s recent passage of caps on medical malpractice awards is a positive step forward in the fight to stop lawsuit abuse in lawsuit-happy Illinois.

Sprint class certified, but company secrets spared

By Steve Korris | Jun 5, 2005

Madison County Circuit Judge Nicholas Byron has certified a class action lawsuit over Sprint’s early termination fee, and he has thrown out a protective order that guarded the wireless company’s trade secrets--revenue data, pricing models, internal policies and unique computer systems.

Stack mending Madison County's reputation

By The Madison County Record | Jun 5, 2005

In the seasonal Midwest, summer always arrives with a hint of sunny optimism. Here at the Madison County Circuit Court, Judge Daniel Stack is driving ours.

Bi-State sues MetroLink contractors

By Steve Gonzalez | Jun 6, 2005

Bi-State Development Agency filed suit in St. Clair County Circuit Court June 2 against Kilian Corporation, Baxmeyer Construction, and Illinois Excavators Inc., (KBIE) a venture group responsible for the $29.5 million Illinois MetroLink extension.

Alton woman sues property owner for assault

By Ann Knef | Jun 6, 2005

While checking out a rental property for her family's move, Stacey Stegall claims she was sexually assaulted by the owner, Gene Kain of Alton, who was showing the home at 2819 Sanford Ave. in Alton on Aug. 3, 2004.

Woman twists foot while sparing daughter from falling cabinet

By Ann Knef | Jun 7, 2005

In the process of heroically preventing a falling piece of furniture from striking her daughter, Erin Rangle twisted her left leg and foot.

Improperly folded mat leads to Madison County suit

By Ann Knef | Jun 7, 2005

Distracted by promotional signs at the Fairview Heights Value City furniture store, shopper Dorothy Gale caught her foot on an improperly placed mat. She lost her balance and fell.

Property owner sued for sidewalk instability

By Ann Knef | Jun 7, 2005

Cortez Smith is suing the property owner at 1423 State St. in Alton for allowing down spouts and guttering to be diverted onto the public sidewalk.

En route to vote at ice skating rink, woman trips, then sues

By Ann Knef | Jun 7, 2005

On her way to vote at an ice skating rink at Granite City's Wilson Park during the last municipal election, Sharron Case tripped on an uneven sidewalk and sustained serious injuries. She is suing the city's park district for more than $50,000.

Beverly Farms, doctor and nurses named in wrongful death suit

By Ann Knef | Jun 7, 2005

A seven-count wrongful death lawsuit was lodged against Beverly Farm Foundation in Godfrey, its nurses and Tanin Parich, M.D., claiming resident Michael Soliz was injured and died at the facility in November 2003.

Wrongful death alleged in case against Family Medicine Associates

By Steve Gonzalez | Jun 7, 2005

The widow of a man who succumbed to coronary artery disease filed a wrongful death suit against Family Medicine Associates of Collinsville and Michael Rallo, M.D. in Madison County Circuit Court June 1.

McDonald's sued for slip and fall on dirty water

By Steve Gonzalez | Jun 7, 2005

Catherine Lott filed suit on behalf of her pregnant daughter, Quenetta, who slipped and fell on dirty water in the entranceway of a McDonald's restaurant on Morrison Street in Collinsville.

People in Business networking group to meet

By The Madison County Record | Jun 7, 2005

The People in Business networking group will meet from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. on Friday, June 17, at Ravanelli’s Restaurant on Nameoki Drive in Granite City.

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