News from April 2005

Granite City shopper's class action could have impact on American retailers

By Steve Korris | Apr 14, 2005

Cashiers do not give change when shoppers make purchases with gift cards, but three-time class action plaintiff Ashley Peach thinks they should. And now, the 19-year-old shopper from Granite City has an opportunity to influence how American retailers do business.

Judgment against Granite City hangs in suspense

By The Madison County Record | Apr 14, 2005

Thomas Maag Armettia Peach’s $104,259.17 court judgment against Granite City--which is accused of approving an occupancy permit at 9 Briarcliff Dr. without inspecting the property--hangs in suspense.

New physicians elected to ISMIE Mutual�s board

By The Madison County Record | Apr 14, 2005

Brad Ringhofer, M.D. Three new physicians were added to the board of directors of the state's largest medical liability insurer, ISMIE Mutual Insurance Company, including Metro-East internist Brad Ringhofer, M.D.

Med mal stakeholders testify against new version of bill

By Ann Knef | Apr 14, 2005

The Illinois Senate Executive Committee heard testimony from doctors, hospitals, lawyers and insurers Wednesday on medical malpractice reform, but indefinitely delayed a vote on a bill that most stakeholders do not like.

Street Q&A: Has the medical malpractice crisis affected your healthcare in any way?

By Heather Anderson | Apr 14, 2005

Natalie Parr Medical malpractice reform so far has not gained enough support in the state legislature for passage this year. Curious about how the doctor exodus affects average citizens in the area, The Record hit the streets, asking, "Has the medical malpractice crisis affected your healthcare in any way?"

Hospital and doctors blamed for paralysis

By Steve Gonzalez | Apr 14, 2005

Gateway Regional Medical Center A patient at Gateway Regional Medical Center who claims he became paralyzed after surgery for an aneurysm filed suit against the hospital April 14 in Madison County Circuit Court.

Chamber asks for asbestos fraud investigation

By Ann Knef | Apr 15, 2005

United States Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Thomas Donohue United States Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Thomas Donohue has asked the Justice Department to investigate new evidence of fraud that has emerged in asbestos and silica litigation across the country.

St. Louis attorney file Vioxx suits on behalf of 13 Illinoisans

By Steve Gonzalez | Apr 15, 2005

Jeffrey Lowe St. Louis attorney Jeffery Lowe filed two lawsuits April 13 on behalf of 13 people who claim their poor health was caused by taking the prescription drug Vioxx. The suit was lodged against drug maker Merck & Co. in Madison County Circuit Court.

Shoes of a Fisherman

By John J. Hopkins | Apr 17, 2005

In 1968, 10 years before the election of John Paul II, Anthony Quinn starred in the film, “The Shoes of a Fisherman.”

Get out...

By The Madison County Record | Apr 17, 2005

In a sunshine state While Washington types debate what to do with the flame-retarding substance that made him rich and famous, asbestos ace Randy Bono is living permanently in Florida where he’s starting a new business, a source tells Dicta.

Diagnosing asbestos fraud

By The Madison County Record | Apr 17, 2005

U.S. District Judge Janis Graham Jack has kicked over a rock that is looking more and more like a domino.

Moldy conditions at apartment subject of new class action

By Steve Gonzalez | Apr 18, 2005

Kesha Manning of Venice filed the first class action lawsuit in Madison County in more than a month against the owner of her apartment complex because of mold and fungus problems.

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