News from December 2004

Raise your hand

By The Madison County Record | Dec 5, 2004

One-sided arguments don’t stick with you.

MCR in Washington Post spotlight

By Ann Knef | Dec 6, 2004

Jeff Birnbaum The Madison County Record splashed onto the front page of the liberal-leaning Washington Post Dec. 6, causing a ripple of national and local media curiosity.

Plaintiff's attorney Mallon sues computer tech co.

By Steve Gonzalez | Dec 7, 2004

Wood River personal injury attorney Lance Mallon was so offended by a flaw in the tape drive system of his computer, he filed a consumer fraud class action lawsuit against California-based Seagate Technology, the world’s largest supplier of computer disc media.

Fungal infection leads tenant to sue for $100k

By Steve Gonzalez | Dec 7, 2004

In the aftermath of a flooded apartment, moldy conditions left Sharon Dunn of Pontoon Beach with a disfiguring fungal infection of the skin and fungally-induced asthma.

Kentucky company seeks justice in Madison County

By Steve Gonzalez | Dec 8, 2004

Stephens Pipe and Steel of Russell Springs, Ken. filed suit against Clarence A. Jack Dempsey, owner of Granite Inc., seeking to collect an unpaid debt of $289,623 plus interest. The suit was filed in Madison County Circuit Court on Dec. 6.

O'Brien asbestos trial set to begin

By Steve Gonzalez | Dec 8, 2004

A trial date for Michael O'Brien, an Illinoisan suffering from mesothelioma, has been set exactly a year after the former sheet metal and postal worker was diagnosed with a deadly disease caused by asbestos exposure.

Congressional action may nip obesity suits in the bud

By Steve Stanek | Dec 8, 2004

Senator Harry Reid Persons who are considering suing the food industry for allegedly contributing to their obesity may be running out of time.

'Commonsense' enacted by Illinois legislature

By Ann Knef | Dec 9, 2004

Representative Terry R. Parke (R) 44th District In spite of the weight carried by trial attorneys in the state capitol, legislation banning consumers from suing restaurants or food manufacturers for their obesity, sailed unanimously through the House and Senate earlier this year.

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