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Lawsuit filed in St. Clair County accuses companies of not warning of asbestos risks

BELLEVILLE — A widow is suing a number of companies, claiming they failed to warn about the risks of working near asbestos.

Suit against Honda, others alleges man's cancer diagnosis was due to asbestos exposure

BELLEVILLE — A widow is seeking damages, claiming her husband's cancer diagnosis was due to exposure to asbestos.

Man claims Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., others failed to warn of dangers of asbestos exposure

BELLEVILLE – A former laborer alleges his lung cancer was wrongfully caused by asbestos exposure.

Non-commercial drivers sue employers for unpaid wages

EAST ST. LOUIS — Non-commercial drivers filed a class-action lawsuit against their employers for allegedly refusing to pay the required minimum wages and overtime compensations.

Man sues PNC Bank alleging wrongful garnishment

BELLEVILLE – A St. Louis man alleges his bank account was wrongfully garnished after a judgment was filed against his soon-to-be former wife.

Tillery suit against economists highlights relationships between lawyers and judges in major litigation

BENTON – Former U.S. district judge Patrick Murphy, who represents lawyer Stephen Tillery as plaintiff in the court of Senior U.S. District Judge Phil Gilbert, successfully defended Gilbert against an ethics complaint last year.

Two drivers, trucking firm sued over crash involving minor

A Kansas woman and her daughter are suing over injuries the minor child received, alleging that the injuries occurred when two vehicles operated in a negligent manner collided with the vehicle in which the child was a passenger.

Chipping away

Silicon Valley's Intel Corp. invented a series of microprocessors that have accelerated the power of computing to a level once unimaginable, forever changing the world as we know it for the far better.

Judges don't deserve a pass

Most judges despise election season, even when they aren't running.