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Hoffman, Costello end Q3 with $1.36M combined compared to less than $10K held by competitors Jameson, Friess

By Record News | Oct 16, 2018

SPRINGFIELD – Spending on downstate races to keep the Illinois State House controlled by Democrats rivals the ferocity playing out on a national level to put the minority party back in control of the U.S. House.

Jay Hoffman - your mailer is shameful

By The Madison County Record | Oct 15, 2018

Jay Hoffman, have you gone crazy? Please explain to me how Doug Jameson stood by and did nothing at the Quincy Veterans Home. Doug was not an elected representative of the people of Illinois, you were.

Jameson reacts angrily to attacks by opponent over Quincy veterans' home tragedy

By John Breslin | Oct 13, 2018

Republican candidate for the 113th District, Doug Jameson, has reacted angrily to attacks on him by his opponent, Democratic incumbent Jay Hoffman, over the Quincy veterans' home tragedy.

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