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How to mislead Illinoisans into accepting higher taxes

By Orphe Divounguy, Bryce Hill and Joe Tabor, Illinois Policy Institute | May 8, 2018

A new report would have Illinoisans believe that a progressive income tax means tax cuts and economic growth. Illinois lawmakers’ tax-and-spend tendencies and evidence from all 50 states say otherwise.

Progressive tax battle pits taxpayers against Madigan

By Austin Berg, Illinois News Network | May 7, 2018

It was no small feat that House Republicans stood their ground against a progressive income tax in April.

The ‘friendly’ tax hike taking shape in Springfield

By Austin Berg, Illinois News Network | Apr 10, 2018

In election season, some Illinois politicians are looking for ways to promise more revenue without inciting the rage of voters, who just saw the largest permanent income tax hike in state history last summer.

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