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Taxpayers are on the hook for Tim Mapes’ six-figure pension

By Pat Hughes, Illinois Opportunity Project | Jun 13, 2018

Not only are we supposed to accept the fact that our state government is overrun with sexual predators—we are also expected to fund their lavish retirement benefits.

Harvey: Canary in the collapsing Illinois coal mine

By Matt Besler, Illinois Opportunity Project | Apr 19, 2018

Your job, your pension, or your home. This is the choice left to several families in Harvey, Illinois. They can’t have all three and some don’t even have the choice of one.

Illinois is becoming a home equity desert

By Matt Besler, Illinois Opportunity Project | Oct 24, 2017

The highest property taxes in the nation are stripping families of both their home's value and their ability to get a return on the largest investment most will make in their lifetime. Illinois’ property tax system is inequitable, inefficient, and indecipherable.

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