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Sitting in on the recent Bestwall hearing

By Kathrin Hashemi, KCIC | Mar 6, 2019

"This case is not Garlock, and I am not Judge Hodges, nor is Judge Whitley for that matter. Neither of us are bound by the Garlock decision and you failed to give me proper credit by presuming that because that case was heard in this district the outcome of an estimation trial in this case would necessarily be the same or even similar."

Asbestos defendants advised to discern potential BAP1 gene link in claimants

By John Breslin | Nov 27, 2018

Attendees at a recent conference on asbestos litigation were advised to ask claimants about the history of cancer in families, and potentially then ask for a test because of the link between some mesothelioma cases and potential genetic factors.

Asbestos report shows St. Clair County taking spot on list of 'top 10' jurisdictions; 96 percent are lung cancer cases

By Ann Maher | Mar 20, 2018

While the number of new asbestos cases in hotspot jurisdictions across the country is declining overall - and in all types of diseases - the docket in St. Clair County is surging almost exclusively with lung cancer cases.

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