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Robocalls targeting three local House districts with strong message against income tax hike

By Ann Maher | May 30, 2017

A proposal increasing state income taxes by 32 percent that passed in the State Senate by Democrats only has inspired the state GOP to target certain House district with robocalls in advance of a possible vote.

John Cullerton feeds the rumor mill to deflect blame for his failures

By The Madison County Record | Feb 8, 2017

Rumor has it that State Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago) is “frustrated” with the current Illinois budget crisis and is contemplating retirement.

Madigan's millions: Why the Speaker should release his tax returns

By Austin Berg, Illinois Policy Institute | Nov 18, 2016

Every dollar Madigan earns back for his corporate clients makes someone else’s property-tax bill go up.

Documentary “Madigan: Power. Privilege. Politics.” now available online and on demand

By Dawn Geske | Nov 13, 2016

CHICAGO – A documentary about Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan is now available for viewing by residents in Madison and St. Clair Counties as well as throughout Illinois.

Illinois Supreme Court names new communications director

By Taryn Phaneuf | Sep 29, 2016

SPRINGFIELD — Christopher Bonjean will join the Illinois Supreme Court as director of the office of communications and public information. There, he will be responsible for reorganized the division charged with informing and educating Illinoisans about the judicial system.

Chicago alderman saved Trump $11.7 million in property tax appeal scheme

By Austin Berg, Illinois Policy Institute | May 2, 2016

A new report revealed that Klafter & Burke, a property-tax law firm owned by Chicago Alderman Ed Burke, helped Donald Trump cut property taxes on his downtown Chicago hotel by nearly 40 percent over seven years, saving Trump and his investors $11.7 million.

11 things you need to know about Chicago teacher pensions

By Ted Dabrowski and John Klingner, Illinois Policy Institute | Mar 8, 2016

Pension holidays, steep increases in teachers' salaries, and lopsided ratios of teacher contributions to pension payouts have caused the Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund’s unfunded liabilities to shoot up to $9 billion in 2015.

Meet the politicians getting rich off Chicago's property tax scheme

By Austin Berg | Oct 20, 2015

Flawed property valuations and the process required to fix them are a cash cow for law firms, including those of House Speaker Mike Madigan, Chicago Alderman Ed Burke and Illinois Senate President John Cullerton.

Illinois pays millions in pension benefits to the dead

By Austin Berg | Sep 15, 2015

The Illinois Supreme Court ruled in May that pension benefits flowing to government retirees can never be “diminished or impaired.” A new investigation into state and local pension records reveals this ironclad protection can extend beyond the grave. From 2010 to 2014, 11 of Illinois’ 15 largest pension funds paid out $2.2 million in pension benefits to more than 1,000 dead people.

Madigan comes up short on SB 1229 override

By Hilary Gowins Yelvington | Sep 8, 2015

House Speaker Mike Madigan said on multiple occasions he had the votes to override the governor’s veto.

Obama & Rahm set the record straight

By Dan Proft | Oct 31, 2010

Proft In two recent revealing interviews, we learned that President Obama and his tiny dancer who would be Chicago Mayor are challenged by the same marketing problem: the public's perception of them belies who they really are.

Candidate profile: Dwight Kay wants balanced budget, job growth

By Amelia Flood | Nov 11, 2009

Kay This piece contains excerpts from an interview conducted by the Madison County Record with Dwight Kay, who has announced his intention to run for state representative in the 112th District against Rep. Jay Hoffman.

Report: Hoffman 'tops, by far' in favors doled out by Blagojevich

By Ann Knef | Oct 23, 2009

Hoffman In the six years Rod Blagojevich held office as Governor of Illinois, his downstate ally State Rep. Jay Hoffman (D-Collinsville) built a substantial campaign war chest. He also helped pass a slew of laws ranging from workers' compensation issues to the creation of the National Corn to Ethanol Research Center at SIUE.

Patronage database: White Dems more successful than Blacks, Latinos

By Steve Korris | Oct 23, 2009

Requests from white Democratic legislators to former Gov. Rod Blagojevich seeking jobs and raises succeeded 68 percent more often than requests from other legislators, according to statistics the Chicago Sun-Times published last week.

Reid pushed for Madigan to succeed Obama

By Chris Rizo | Jan 5, 2009

Reid WASHINGTON - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid reportedly urged Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich to consider appointing Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to the U.S. Senate seat vacated by President-elect Barack Obama.

Palin takes real risk for real change

By Eric Kohn | Sep 14, 2008

Eric Kohn That Barack Obama and his entire campaign can't stop taking about Sarah Palin only serves to demonstrate John McCain's deft savvy in selecting her as his running mate.

Obama, Hope and the NIU shootings

By Dan Proft | Feb 24, 2008

In recent years, Americans have been forced to deal with a rash of senseless, inexplicable school shootings such as that which occurred at Northern Illinois University leaving five innocents dead.

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