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Man who claims storage company sold personal property says employees kept his belongings, calling the actions ‘trickery and deceit’

A man who claims his personal property was sold by a Collinsville storage company alleges the storage company actually held a “phantom auction” and employees kept his belongings for themselves.

Jury trial scheduled in suit alleging storage company sold personal property

Madison County Circuit Judge William Mudge scheduled a jury trial for next year in a suit alleging a Collinsville storage company sold a man’s personal property.

Storage company claims customer chose not to pay outstanding balance despite scheduled auction

A Collinsville storage company accused of improperly selling a man’s personal items denies liability, arguing that the man was given notice of the scheduled auction if the outstanding balance was not paid in full.

Asbestos removal from ESL schools unpaid, suit claims


Two local firms figure prominently in Business Journal's 'largest law firms' list


Cahokia mayor and city sued by former golf course manager

Bender A St. Clair County man claims he lost his job as manager of a local golf course and, in effect, his salary after Cahokia's mayor hired a close family relative to replace him.

Contractor sues sub claiming it failed to pay lower tiers

The general contractor of a construction project at Wingate Manor in Shiloh has filed suit against its subcontractor, alleging it failed to pay lower-tier subcontractors for their work.

Salmonella poisoning leads to suit against East Alton restaurant

Case Romero A man who claims he suffered from salmonella poisoning after dining at an East Alton restaurant in May is seeking in excess of $100,000 for his illness which required hospitalization.