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Nearly half of Kolker campaign contributors have cases before the judge; Campaign says contributions are not solicited

BELLEVILLE – Almost half the civil suits that began in St. Clair County Associate Judge Chris Kolker’s court from July through December last year involved lawyers who contributed to his campaign for circuit judge in the same period.

Kolker affirmed in cases paving the way for class actions; One plaintiff firm is campaign contributor

MOUNT VERNON – Fifth District appellate judges have affirmed two orders of 20th Circuit Associate Judge Christopher Kolker, paving the way for attorneys David Cates and John Driscoll to start class actions.

Xarelto plaintiff attorney challenges BMS ruling at Seventh Circuit

CHICAGO – St. Louis lawyer John Driscoll has petitioned appellate judges of the U.S. Seventh Circuit to restore the right of all Americans to sue in Illinois courts.

Spike in lawsuits against employers over fingerprints, other biometric data may be just the beginning

CHICAGO — A spike in the number of lawsuits in Illinois over biometrics data is a result of such data becoming more commonly used or misused by both business and social media. But whatever the reason, businesses should look for more and more of these lawsuits in coming days, a Washington, D.C.-based labor and employment attorney warns, thanks to a unique facet of Illinois' law.

More consumers file lawsuits against makers of Just For Men products in St. Clair County

EDWARDSVILLE – Nearly 150 plaintiffs have sued the makers of Just For Men hair-care products and hair dyes, claiming they were damaged by using the products.

Numerous plaintiffs seek $1.75M from Xarelto manufactures

Numerous Xarelto users from several states are suing the makers of the drug that they say is fraudulently marketed and lacking the proper warnings.

McGlynn and Rudolf vying for seat once held by drug-addicted judge; Fund-raising so far not close to what Cook raised during uncontested race


California woman sues Pfizer over Zoloft use in St. Clair County

DriscollA California woman is suing over claims her daughter was born with birth defects due to her use of Zoloft while pregnant.Trinity Crawford, a minor, by and through her next friend and natural mother Deana Crawford, filed a lawsuit Aug. 13 in the St. Clair County Circuit Court against Pfizer Inc., Greenstone LLC, formerly known as Greenstone Ltd., Roerig S.A. and Pfizer R&D Cortex Distric

Oklahoma woman sues Bayer over Mirena in St. Clair County


Bayer sued over Mirena in St. Clair County


Pharmaceutical company seeks to remove suits over Pradaxa drug from St. Clair County


Coloplast seeks to remove case over faulty mesh product to federal court


Five Pradaxa suits filed in St. Clair County


Coloplast sued in St. Clair County over mesh product


More out of state plaintiffs sue over Pradaxa in St. Clair County


Yaz ingestion blamed for death of two in St. Clair County suit


NuvaRing users claim contraceptive increased blood clot risk


More Avandia suits filed against GSK in St. Clair County

Driscoll An additional two plaintiffs say GlaxoSmithKline was wrong in selling a diabetes drug without first warning of potential serious side effects, including heart attacks and congestive heart failure, from which they suffered.