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Madison County offering 28 sites for Christmas tree recycling

By Madison-St. Clair Record | Dec 26, 2018

Now that Christmas is over, what do you do with your tree and holiday trash? Recycle.

Local governments challenged by underfunded pension plans; Candidate for governor calls for amending constitution

By Ann Maher | Dec 20, 2017

With Illinois homeowners paying close to the highest property taxes in the country, and its residents shouldering the highest public pension debt relative to income, how local governments deal with the growing problem is a tale of two cities, so to speak.

Mike Babcock announces run for 111th House District, wants to 'restore faith in Illinois'

By Glenn Minnis | Sep 1, 2017

ALTON – Mike Babcock wants to do for Illinois what he has for Wood River Township and has announced his candidacy for state representative of the 111th District in 2018.

Former Township worker claims she was fired for not selling fundraiser tickets; Plaintiff: 'Republican at worst or not a Democrat at best'

By Ann Maher | Aug 7, 2017

A former employee of Wood River Township claims she was wrongfully terminated for refusing to sell tickets to a political fundraiser prior to the municipal election earlier this year.

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